Editorials you will not find in this issue. For the first time, I believe, since the editorship fell on my shoulders back in Volume 41 you will find nothing from my editorial pen except these few notes. The explanation? For one of the few times in my memory we have a rather large surplus of articles waiting to be placed. And seeing that each time we have surplus copy a regular department editor has to be “bumped,” I am taking a turn to be “bumped” from this issue. I must say, too, that this is a rather relaxing experience for the one who has the ultimate responsibility of taking care of filling our magazine’s 24 pages for 21 issues per year. Brother-writers, keep the copy flowing!

News Feature. We welcome to this issue the Rev. E.C. Case of the First Presbyterian Church of Woodville, Mississippi, who is again favoring us with an interpretive report of the recent General Assembly meeting of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Translated Treasures. If you followed my advice and looked for our new department in the October 1 issue, you looked in vain. Although at this writing I have not yet seen that issue, I am informed that our printer, contrary to our instructions, omitted that department—yes, due to a surplus of copy. I hardly dare promise it will appear in this issue, but . . . look for it. We hope you will enjoy it.

Bound Volumes. Have you ordered your copy of Volume 52? If not, you’d better hurry! The price (uninflated!) is $7.00. Write our Business Office.