Recently Rev. Marvin Kamps was installed as the new pastor of our church in Doon, Iowa. Rev. Kamps’ former charge was in Redlands, California. The Redlands congregation extended a call to Rev. Jason Kortering who has been serving the congregation at Hull, Iowa, just a few miles from Doon. Rev. Kortering has accepted the call to Redlands. Hull has made the following trio: Revs. Dale Kuiper, Mark Hoeksema, and Ronald VanOverloop. 

The following report from our missionary, Rev. Harbach, was printed in our Hope Church (Walker, Michigan) bulletin: “The Protestant Reformed worship services here in the Houston area, as to anything soundly Presbyterian/Reformed in church government, doctrine and church and home life, are like an oasis in a desert. We are accumulating a reputation here, as people are beginning to discover, that as to the theological liberal versus conservative issue, we are definitely on the conservative side. Happy we are to see that there are some looking for a place where the infallible Word of God and the Reformed truth are prized and conserved. As a result, four families have recently come our way and now worship with us. These newcomers, as with our old stand-bys, are of Westminster Standards stock. Hence, they are not being exposed to Calvinism and the Reformed Faith for the first time, but are Reformed people, and desirous of organizing soon into a Protestant Reformed Church. We thank the Lord for the increase of these fellow saints. One of these families was recently blessed with a son, Jonathan Edwards. We soon (D.V.) begin catechism classes with the addition of five new pupils! Now, too, there is also prospect of beginning a young people’s society. ‘Brethren, pray for us,’ that we may have spiritual strength and wisdom in our labors and upon them the continued blessing of our covenant God.” 

The construction of a new church building for our Hudsonville, Michigan congregation seems to be a cooperative undertaking. The following notice appeared in their September 5th bulletin: “The consistory would like to have as many men as possible to come out Wednesday and help nail furring strips on the inside wall of our church building. Please take your own hammer.” The following week this appeared: “Repeat: Furring strip mechanics: Brethren, continue your good labors on Monday evening and help nail down our future church.” It sounds as if the Hudsonville brethren are literally pounding their way into a new building!