Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches met for two days, September 1 and 2, in Loveland, Colorado. After Rev. M. Hoeksema opened with devotions, addressing Classis from Jude 3, and presided over the approving of the credentials, Rev. M. Kamps took over the chair.

Classis heard reports from various committees and instructed its Taped Sermon Committee to investigate the possibility of some revision of the taped sermon program. 

Classis ratified Articles of Incorporation that had been drawn up under the direction of its Classical Committee. 

An overture from the Council of South Holland to use money recently bequeathed to Classis in the establishing of a retirement fund for Protestant Reformed ministers was rejected. 

In executive session, Classis advised a consistory to proceed with the second step of censure with two members, after the Classis had been informed concerning the cases by the delegates of the church involved. 

Redlands asked and received classical appointments during her vacancy. 

Much of Classis’ time was devoted to two appeals that lodged objections against the preaching in a congregation. Classis rejected both appeals on the ground that the accusations were not substantiated. 

The consistory of the Edmonton, Canada congregation addressed a letter to Classis in which they expressed their thankfulness “to the Lord Who has so abundantly blessed us in this past year, since we, as the Edmonton congregation, have joined your fellowship.” It added that they “count it a great privilege that our church is now a member of your classis and part of your denomination. Words are insufficient to express the beauty of the unity in faith and purpose we now may experience! To experience this full assurance, without a doubt, that God’s Word is the truth, with you our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, is a gift of God’s grace. May we be found ever faithful to that Word of truth, guided by the true confessions of our fathers which we hold so dear!” 

Classis will meet next in Hull, Iowa on March 3, 1977, the Lord willing. 

The cost of the Classis was $3,020.58. 

Rev. David Engelsma, 

Stated Clerk 

Classis West