Sometimes we are told that we are led as sheep to the slaughter. This was true during the years of the early church and during the time of the Reformation, but not at present. I know that we experience a little opposition sometimes; but we all have nice houses to live in, and every family has one or more cars, etc., etc. Is the roaring lion taking a vacation? Of course not! Neither is it because as churches we pray for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life: for that is never done. (I Timothy 2:2

How then is it to be explained that we as churches are so little molested by the State, in cooperation with the false church, which is always, with few exceptions, persecuting God’s people? The answer is: Compromise! The State took the diaconate away from us, and the only ones that refused to give in are the Amish people who, therefore, had their horses taken off the plow. But the State has also raised up a great, abominable idol which is called Public Education, to which all property owners contribute. 

Oh how nice and pussy-footed this monster was introduced. At first, school sessions were begun with prayer and Bible reading; but gradually this was abandoned, and now public education is the most God-defying and immoral monster under the sun. Every tax dollar we pay for the maintenance of order in society, anyone who has real estate property contributes about an. additional four dollars to support the abominable public school system. This is not a hidden tax for which we cannot give an account, but is in plain figures. If we refuse to support this monster, we will have to lose or sell our properties; and then our suffering starts. We will have to rent a place in which to live. And the result will be; of course, that the rent might be raised sky-high. Those of us who have families will have to live in the slum district or in some tumble-down farm house, because no one will rent a house to families with children in a good neighborhood. In order, therefore, to continue dwelling in beautiful houses, going on trips, having nice cars, boats, and cottages, we must compromise. 

But God will soon make this impossible, in order that we may be delivered from the snares wherein the prince of this world holds us captive. The time is not far distant when it will be impossible to have our own schools, and also help maintain this modern Molech. It will be Christ or Belial, not both! Then, if we are faithful, we will indeed be led as sheep to the slaughter.