Vol 52 Issue 12

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News From Our Churches

Time certainly flies by. It seems only a few months ago that Faith Church was established in Jenison, Michigan. On February 22, however, Faith Church celebrated anniversary number three—but let Rev. Joostens tell it: “This Sunday is special, in that it was exactly three years ago that we became organized as Faith Protestant Reformed Church in Jenison. This is a good occasion to reflect and give thanks for the fact that the Lord has richly prospered us.

Doctrine and Life

It is Saturday evening, the children are snuggly tucked under the covers and in the safekeeping of the usual babysitter, while the Joneses are out to late dinner with some casual acquaintances. The dinners are sumptuous; after all, it is a night out on the town, the drinks flow freely. Before the night is over, all are in a laughing and carefree mood. As the evening comes to an end, the babysitter is hustled home before the Sunday morning deadline, and the Joneses place their heads upon their pillows, and promptly fall asleep. After all, it is not right to...

Do ALL Things to God’s Glory?

In our last article in this rubric, we discussed one error related to the view of common grace which suggests that surely God does not send sickness. This article will treat another error which seems to arise logically out of the common grace theory. I was surprised to hear this particular error raised; yet, upon reflection, it would appear to be a logical conclusion from a false premise. The question with which I was confronted in a discussion on common grace, was: Is everything to be done to the glory of God?

Is the Bible the Word of God (2)

In the previous article, we briefly introduced our subject and presented the reader a two-fold thesis. Further we discussed the idea of priestcraft, which feeds upon the teaching that the Bible is an obscure book. Very briefly we outlined Martin Luther’s escape from Roman Catholic priestcraft and took cognizance of Luther’s doctrine of Scripture in as far as it touches upon the matter under discussion. We saw that Luther boldly denied the Romish doctrine that the Bible is obscure in its meaning and we noted that Luther rejected priestcraft. 

Letter to Timothy

Dear Timothy,  I had thought that we finished this discussion about the relation between the New Hermeneutics and preaching in my last letter to you. But you wrote me about some practical questions which rose in your mind as you pondered the things I had written; and to these questions I will turn in this letter. I hope this ties up some of the loose ends which you called to my attention; but if not, be sure to write again. 


Sometimes we are told that we are led as sheep to the slaughter. This was true during the years of the early church and during the time of the Reformation, but not at present. I know that we experience a little opposition sometimes; but we all have nice houses to live in, and every family has one or more cars, etc., etc. Is the roaring lion taking a vacation? Of course not! Neither is it because as churches we pray for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life: for that is never done.

All Around Us

Insoluble Marriage Problems  Of this we were reminded by an article in the Banner, an official organ of the Christian Reformed Church. This article appeared in the Banner of December 26, 1975, page 4, and it was written by Melvin D. Hugen, professor of Pastoral Theology at Calvin Seminary. We need not quote all of it. We offer our readers the following:

Original Sin

“We believe that, through the disobedience of Adam, original sin is extended to all mankind; which is a corruption of the whole nature, and an hereditary disease; wherewith infants themselves are infected even in their mother’s womb, and which produceth in man all sorts of sin, being in him as a root thereof; and therefore is so vile, and abominable in the sight of God, that it is sufficient to condemn all mankind.

An Unfair Indictment

Elsewhere in this issue there appears a contribution from brother “N. D.” under the title “Compromising.” Not only do I wish to call attention to the fact that placement of a contribution does not imply editorial agreement, but I also wish to express my strong disagreement.  The thrust of that contribution is that we who send our children to Christian Schools are guilty of compromise and of avoiding persecution when we pay taxes with which the State maintains the public school system. 

Announcing Our New Australia Office

During last year’s tour we also put forth efforts to improve the distribution of our Standard Bearer and our other literature in New Zealand and Australia. While we were in Australia, we came to the conclusion that it would be much better to have, if possible, an Australian outlet for our Standard Bearer and RFPA publications, as well as an office in New Zealand. We are now happy to announce that arrangements have been completed for such an office in Australia. In Rockhampton, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church operates a Reformed Literature Centre.