Announcing Our New Australia Office

During last year’s tour we also put forth efforts to improve the distribution of our Standard Bearer and our other literature in New Zealand and Australia. While we were in Australia, we came to the conclusion that it would be much better to have, if possible, an Australian outlet for our Standard Bearer and RFPA publications, as well as an office in New Zealand. We are now happy to announce that arrangements have been completed for such an office in Australia. In Rockhampton, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church operates a Reformed Literature Centre. And that Reformed Literature Centre has kindly agreed to act as the Australian distributor of our Standard Bearerand our other publications. Beginning with this issue of our Standard Bearer, all copies will be sent by air to the Reformed Literature Centre in Rockhampton, and from Rockhampton they will be mailed in Australia to our various readers there. Hence, all correspondence in Australia concerning Standard Bearer subscriptions and concerning all our RFPA publications should be directed to: 

Reformed Literature Centre, 

P.O. Box 849, 

Rockhampton 4700, 


In the very near future this Reformed Literature Centre will also have a small stock of the various books published by the Reformed Free Publishing Association, and residents of Australia will be able to get much faster service in obtaining our books from this new distributor. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of Pastor Burley and others connected with the Reformed Literature Centre; and we hope that this will result in improved and enlarged distribution of our literature, and in more efficient service for our readers, down under. 

At the same time we will continue to maintain an office in New Zealand for the convenience of readers and subscribers there. I take this opportunity to call attention to a change of address for our New Zealand office also. The address of our office there is:

The Standard Bearer, 

c/o OPC Bookshop, 

P.O. Box 2289, 

Christchurch, New Zealand 

In case you lose these addresses, from now on they will also appear in our masthead on the inside of the front cover page. 

All overseas subscriptions, other than from Australia and New Zealand, will be taken care of by our main office in Grand Rapids.