For complete information as to the pre-publication sale of the RFPA’s forthcoming Bible story book, Come, Ye Children, turn to the back cover of this issue. Be sure to read both sides, and follow the directions carefully. We have planned this page so that you can cut off the back page and use the order blanks without damaging the rest of your Standard Bearer. Permit me to call special attention to the following: 1) Even though the book will come out by the end of April, the pre-publication sale will extend to June 1. This is to give all our readers the opportunity to take advantage of the special prices. 2) Note the RFPA Book Club members can get a double discount, but only if you pre-pay. Otherwise you will be sent the book automatically at the normal book club discount of 20% off the regular price. This is an added incentive to join the book club now. 3) If you wish to have the book mailed to you, be sure to include the extra amount for postage. If you plan to pick up your copy, omit the postage. 4) In the greater Grand Rapids area you will have a good opportunity to take advantage of the pre-publication sale at the special program being planned for the publication date, April 27 (see below). 


This is advance notice of a program being planned for the evening of April 27, D.V., at our Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. At this program there will be brief presentations concerning Come, Ye Childrenby the author and by the artist and others. After the half-hour program there will be opportunity to get copies of the book, to get them autographed by author and/or artist, and also to purchase the originals of the artwork of the book. 


As you know, from time to time we have produced special issues of our magazine in recent years. The response to these special issues has been gratifying to the Staff and especially to the committee in charge. My guess is that this policy will be continued, and that the Staff will be deciding at its next annual meeting on themes for future special issues. The thought occurred to me in that connection that some of our readers might have suggestions as to subjects, or themes, for such special issues. If you do, and if you would like your ideas to be considered, why not drop me a note in the near future? You will find the address of the Editorial Office in the masthead.