Rev. George G. Hutton, the minister of The Bible Presbyterian Church, Larne, visited the South Holland, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids areas in the middle part of February. He spoke to numerous groups of people, including some of our school children, about his being led by God through some of our Protestant Reformed literature. The struggles that he faces in Ireland as a believer in the Reformed truth can be appreciated by those of us who have lived through similar circumstances in the early history of our churches. There was an international meeting of sorts too when Rev. Hutton, Mr. and Mrs. Mahtani, and I spent a Saturday afternoon together discussing the differences and similarities among our churches. May God graciously watch over Rev. Hutton and his flock of families in Ireland. His address is: 23 Upper Cairncastle Road, Larne, BT40 ZEF, Northern Ireland.

Rev. Arie and Sherry den Hartog wrote in a letter to the congregation of First Church, “The biggest thing going on in our church is the progress we are making towards the formation of a second church here. . . . Slowly we are getting more people to commit themselves to the second congregation. The session has now decided to make March 18 the deciding date. . . . At the end of March the purchase of the property will be finalized. . . . We had the opportunity to survey the inside of the place carefully the other day. It is not a bad place. With some renovation work it can also be made into a good home for our family…. The whole ground level area can be used for church meetings. . . . This will be particularly good for our family when the new baby arrives.” “We are now having a Reformed Doctrine class beginning with a study of the Five Points of Calvinism. It seems that there will be between 15 and 20 people attending this class. . . . A number of those attending this class have a special concern for the second congregation to see this new endeavor begin in the right way with a strong foundation.” 

Byron Center Protestant Reformed Church has made up a list of those who volunteer to help keep in touch with our missionaries to let them know we’re thinking of them. Every two weeks there are three new people who send a card or letter to the missionary within two weeks. 

In a letter to First Church, Candidate Hanko wrote, “It is exciting work since the people are very enthusiastic and filled with their first love. They have read many of our books, and especially enjoy the preaching on the ‘Heidelberg Catechism.’ On Tuesday evening we meet to discuss the ‘Belgic Confession’ and some of the pamphlets published by our churches. It is a great joy to see and share in the spiritual growth of these people. . . . In February the men composed a letter to the Mission Committee requesting organization. Although this is a small group and relatively new to the PRC we have seen that they know and confess with us Protestant Reformed distinctives. We are, therefore, convinced that the group is ready for organization, and hope and pray that the request will be granted.” The Mission Committee has recently completed a visit to the brethren in Blue Bell, PA. 

Grandville Protestant Reformed Church (that is now their official name) has called Rev. Kortering to be their undershepherd. Rev. Kortering is also considering the call from First Church to be missionary to Jamaica. 

Southeast Church celebrates forty years in existence this spring. Set aside the evening of April 26 to help commemorate God’s faithfulness to His church. 

Byron Center Church had this announcement from their consistory: “The consistory at its last meeting decided to use the Nicene Creed in place of the Apostle’s Creed on Prayer Day, Good Friday, Ascension Day, and New Year’s Eve. We will remain standing during the reading of this creed. We will use the Athanasian Creed in place of the Law on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. We will sit down as usual at these morning services. The Creeds are in accordance with Article 9 of the Belgic Confession and the action at our 1983 Synod. “The congregation also approved the purchase of a parsonage located at 8360 Clyde Park. 

May 10 is the date set for the Spring Lecture, D.V. Rev. Woudenberg will speak on the topic, “Separation of Church and State: Religious Freedom and Our Society.”