It seems good again to see our church bulletins filled with announcements concerning the activities of the various societies, and catechism assignments. From First’s bulletin we learn that Adams St. School has decided to solicit financial aid by direct contact in this year’s Deficit Drive. Last year’s plan of contact-by-mail proved to be deficient -in satisfying the need. The News Sheet of Adams St. School acquaints us of the fact that 222 pupils have been enrolled from 97 families; that, Miss Hulda Kuiper left for duties in the new South Holland-Oak Lawn school, and that three new teachers are: Messrs. Roland Petersen, Cornelius Doezema and Frank Block; that the Board expects to operate at a deficit for the present fiscal year of an estimated $14,265.00.

The News Sheet ends with the following: “Remember, our school does not belong to the Board, but it belongs to all of us and it is our duty and responsibility before God to maintain and support it. Right now we ask you to support it with contributions so that we can operate this school in a manner you want it operated. We ask that you prayerfully consider these things, and receive these brethren who will call on you in the spirit of Christ.”

Sept. 19 was the scheduled date for the annual meeting of the Reformed Action Society with the Rev. J. Kortering slated for a speech entitled, “Propulsion or Compulsion, Which Way For Reformed Action?” Four new board members were elected from an octet presented to the society.

The Lord willing, our Reformed Witness Hour will soon broadcast its 1,000th radio program. Since Oct. 12, 1941, these distinctively reformed radio broadcasts have been heard over various stations in the U.S., and since Oct. of 1960, throughout other parts of the world by means of Trans World Radio and Radio Hoyer (Netherlands West Indies). A special program commemorating this happy event is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 25, 1962, and will take place in First Church in Grand Rapids. The 1,000th broadcast will, D.V., be aired March 11. More details concerning this special program and broadcast will be published in this column during the intervening weeks. The Radio Committee sincerely hopes that many of our readers and many of those who hear our radio broadcasts will make plans to attend the celebration of this joyous occasion.

Oct. 3 was the date of the Office Bearers’ Conference held in Southwest Church. Rev. M. Schipper addressed the conference, discussing Article 70 of our Church Order, under the theme, “Confirmation of Marriage in the Church.” The speaker examined that confirmation, as to its custom, as to its propriety, as to its procedure. The Reverend ably supported the Church Order in its claim that it is proper that the marriage state be confirmed in the church at a public worship service, resting upon the Scriptural concept that God realizes His covenant in the line of continued generations; and that it is proper that the church pronounces the blessing of God upon the husband and wife that they may bring forth the seed that is to be the continuation of the Church of Christ an earth. The speaker bemoaned the fact that we have departed from the Church Order, following the world in their weddings of frills and fancies; and suggesting that we either delete article 70 from our Church Order or adhere to it strictly advocating the latter. In the question and answer period after recess Rev. Schipper again stressed the need that we reemphasize the “Holy” in “Holy Wedlock.”

. . . . see you in church.