Reformed Free Publishing Association Meeting

At the annual membership meeting of the Reformed Free Publishing Association held September 28, 1961, at the Southwest Protestant Reformed Church, Messrs. J. Kalsbeck, D. Meulenberg, G. Pipe were elected to serve on the Board for three years and Mr. R. Bos was elected to fill the unexpired term of Mr. G.E. Rylsma.

It was also decided at this meeting that the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s annual reports be printed in The Standard Bearer. They follow as reported.

Secretary’s Report

Society members and friends of the Reformed Free Publishing Association.

Dear Brethren:

The Board of the RFPA comes before you to bring you up to date on the activities of your board during the past year. It has been a busy year for the Board and one in which we feel the Lord has abundantly blessed us in our labors.

Working through three standing committees, namely, the Information and Education committee, the Finance committee and the Book committee, the work was distributed among the members, resulting in the smooth operation of the Board as a whole. With the mailing of the September 15 issue, volume 37 of The Standard Bearer has been published. This volume closed with a total distribution of 1067 copies. 877 copies were mailed to paid subscribers and free subscriptions. The Protestant Reformed Extension Committee of Oaklawn-South Holland paid for an, additional 150 through the August 1, 1961 issue, but for the present they are discontinuing this aspect of their local missionary effort. Rev. George Lubbers is receiving 60 copies for use in his missionary efforts. These latter copies are paid for by the Mission Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches of America. New subscriptions totaled 47 and cancellations were 45. While these statistics do not appear encouraging, it should be borne in mind that many of those who cancelled were those who have left us. Our business manager has been very active in keeping our accounts receivable current and as a result many of those who cancelled had not paid their subscription fee anyway. From now on we feel that our cancellations will be low. In this connection each of us as a member of this society has a responsibility to do what he can individually to secure new subscriptions for our Standard Bearer.

During the year it was necessary for one of our Board members, Mr. G.E. Bylsma, to submit his resignation because of his work schedule. For that reason, you will notice that this evening we will be electing a fourth Board member to fill out Mr. Bylsma’s unexpired term.

As some of you may recall from our meeting last year, the Board took positive action on a proposal made by the Rev. Bernard Woudenberg at our meeting two years ago in regard to printing in pamphlet form, certain articles written for this express purpose, dealing with the pertinent doctrines of the Protestant Reformed Churches.

Working closely with the editorial staff, the first article to be used for pamphlet purposes appeared in the April 15, 1961 issue. These pamphlets will be distributed through our various consistories to use as they feel will be most effective. For your information we have sent the first pamphlet to these churches who requested them: Southwest 1300, Creston 275, South Holland-Oaklawn 500, Hope-Isabel 75, First 500, Protestant Reformed Action Committee 1600, Loveland 35, Kalamazoo 50, Redlands 100.

At the present time, the Board plans to print in pamphlet form two such articles a year. If you or some one you know could use these pamphlets to good advantage please be sure to get in touch with the RFPA Board.

In connection with our subscriptions we would like to pass on a couple of interesting statistics. Our Lynden congregation has an enviable status amongst our churches. One hundred per cent of their membership are subscribers to The Standard Bearer. This gives the rest of our churches an accomplishment to strive for inasmuch as 23% of our membership do not now subscribe to The Standard Bearer. Whatever help any of us can give to help reduce this figure will be appreciated. It is wonderful that God has blessed us with His Truth, but we must not hide it. Rather, let us spread it to the far ends of the earth.

Mr. James Dykstra, our business manager, was reappointed by your Board for another year beginning last January 1, 1961. We are pleased with the competence and efficiency of Mr. Dykstra, as evidenced by the fact that our accounts receivable are low throughout the year.

As we stand on the threshold of another publishing year, the Board urges all our brethren to continue with us in our zeal for this work of publishing the glorious truths of His Word and to join us in prayer to our Covenant God for His blessing upon us as we look to Him to prosper the way.

Respectfully submitted,

Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association

Charles E. Kregel, Secretary

Annual Treasurer’s Report of the RFPA

Ending August 31, 1961

Balance August 31, 1960—$3,397.88





Bound Volumes—$328.00


Sale of back issues of S.B.—$116.20

Sale of 1000 index cards—$1.35

Coffee Collection—$22.60



Wobbema Printing—$7,317.51

Misc. (stamps, box rent, etc.)—$105.85

Holland Book Binder—$252.30

James Dykstra (Gift)—$250.00


BALANCE ON HAND, SEPT. 1, 1961—$2,965.81




South Holland—$150.23










Oak Lawn—$34.55

Grand Haven—$32.07

Ebenezer (Forbes)—$28.60



Prot. Ref. Extension Comm.—$225.60

Ladies’ Aid First Church—$25.00

Hope Ladies’ Aid—$25.00

Hope Choral Society—$52.85

Men’s League—$50.00


TOTAL GIFTS—$2,839.84

—Henry Velthouse, Treasurer