Time, as the swinging pendulum,

Brings the new millennium.

Man fears what is to transpire,

Hearing the predictions dire.

Some are worried, many fret

Over things unseen as yet.

People prepare in rapid paces,

For preservation of the races.

While others plan to celebrate

This much anticipated date,

With merriment and revelry

They’ll celebrate the century.

Millennium markers are on the rise

As Y2K is commercialized.

How will you approach this day,

God’s child, on your pilgrim’s way?

God gives the grace to understand,

My life, my times, are in His hand.

God holds the swinging pendulum,

He ordered the millennium.

A thousand years have passed away,

All to Him as but a day.

Time, His tool, will ever be

Subject to His sovereignty.

All that was and what will be

Was ordered by His firm decree.

A church He gathers one by one,

Preserves until all time is done.

Christ prayed for us — we are His sheep —

That Father guard and safely keep,

That Father keep them all as one,

Preserved until all time is done.His blessings, ours, will never cease,

In His will is all our peace.

Mrs. Char VanEgdom,

Doon, Iowa