“Living waters,” gushing, flowing

Ever from the Fountain free;

Came from Him, the Source, the Giver,

Down in this poor world to be.

Matchless gift from matchless Saviour,

When back to the Father’s throne

He had gone—His love so perfect

To His own thus fully shown.

“Living waters,” full, exhaustless,

Welling forth a Saviour’s love,

Once in this dark world of sorrow

All the Father’s heart to prove.

Hear, oh hear the wondrous story

Of His anguish, groans, and tears,

Of those awful hours on Calvary,

Where His head the thorn-crown wears.

“Living waters,” Holy Spirit,

Telling still the anguish borne,

By that spotless, holy victim,

When he felt man’s bitter scorn.

Dark and dreadful, foul, unclean,

Linked with devils in the deed,

Man has fully proved his hatred,

Crucified the woman’s seed.

“Living waters,” ever flowing

Telling still the Father’s love,

When upon Christ’s Holy Person

Stayed the Spirit like a dove.

Gift unspeakable was given;

Full atonement He has made;

Weary sinner, heavy laden,

Rest beneath th’ Almighty’s shade.

“Living waters,” what a Saviour—

Setting forth His love divine;

From these bodies, living temples,

Ever forth Thy beauties shine.

Peerless beauty—glorious Saviour—

Hearts and lives we bow to Thee,

Waiting, till caught up to glory,

Thy reflection there to be.

Standard Bearer,

January 1, 1932