Suzanne Looyenga is the wife of Dr. David Looyenga, mother of six children, and a poet. With her family, she is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of South Holland, Illinois. The poem is based on Luke 10:2.

The blaze of noontime sun has passed

And golden fields, sun-blest, lie waiting—

Waiting for the harvesting—

Their bronze and amber undulating

As the quickening autumn breezes blow.

Soon comes the snow.

Already do the shadows tell

The hasty circuit of the sun

And the time is ever creeping forward

To the day man’s work is done:

When winter blasts with cruel chill

And all lies cold, lies cold and still.

Where are the strong men now?

Where are the sinewed arms to cut and bind

And gather in this bounteous yield?

New labourers are hard to find

As faithful harvesters go to their rest.

The sun sinks ever deeper in the west.

A glorious harvest yet awaits this day.

Pray to the Lord of Harvest. Pray.