Correction. A rather serious mistake crept into one of my editorials in the October 1 issue. The last sentence in the first full paragraph in column 2 on page 7 should read: Does he not know that long before they returned to the CRC, we predicted that they would do so notbecause of a doctrine of particular grace that could not be preached, but because of a doctrine of grace which was principally Arminian, on account of which De Wolf was disciplined and for which his group left the PRC?

Question Box. I beg the patience of a couple of questioners who have already waited for some time. In the next issue Question Box will appear, D.V.

Theological School Building. Your editor takes this opportunity to join with Prof. Hanko (see his Convocation Address) in expressing gratitude for the overwhelming reponse, thus, far, to the Fund Drive. At this time we have no further progress report, except for one item. Recently our Building Fund Treasurer reported to me that he received a contribution of $500.00 from a sister who is not a member of our denomination and who does not live in the vicinity of a Prof. Ref. Church, but who loved the truth which we preach and teach. Gifts of this kind carry with them their own, special message of support and encouragement; and, needless to say, they are welcome! For any who may be of a similar mind, here is the address: Theological School Building Fund, c/o Mr. R. H. Teitsma, 1659 Shangrai La Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 45908.

It is not too late to take advantage of the combination book-and-subscription offers which appeared in the September 15 issue. Responses have begun to trickle in. Check the green sheet in the September 15 issue for these bargains!