Editor’s Notes

By the time this appears in print the first volume of The Triple Knowledge reprint should be off the presses and on its way to those who ordered copies in advance. We urge all those who do not have this thorough commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism and who have not placed advance orders to purchase this worthwhile volume—and also the two volumes yet to come.

Our apologies to Rev. H. Veldman, editor of “Contending for the Faith.” The article which appears in this issue should have preceded the article appearing in the Dec. 1 issue. Through an editorial oversight the sequence was spoiled. Sorry!

We call attention to the Feature article by Rev. D. Engelsma. By special request we are publishing these thoughts on a very relevant issue in two installments. Be sure to read them in this issue and the next!

In this issue Rev. R. Decker wields his pen for the department “The Strength of Youth,” which he is sharing with Rev. Kortering during the current volume-year. Welcome!