Editor’s Notes

End of Volume LII. This issue is the last in our 52nd volume-year, and we give thanks to God that He has directed our way to complete another year of publication. May our Standard Bearer ever continue to be just that, a bearer of the standard! Two notes in this connection: 1) In this issue you find an index for this year. 2) As soon as possible bound copies of this volume will be made available. Those who have standing orders for bound volumes will receive them as soon as they are finished. Those who do not have standing orders are encouraged to place an order (cost is $7.00 postpaid) and to get their names on the standing-order-list. Write to our Grand Rapids business office.

Special Request. One of our students is interested in obtaining a complete set of the Standard Bearer, bound or unbound. Anyone who can help is requested to write our Grand Rapids business office. Incidentally, our students always like to add a set of the Standard Bearer to their libraries; so if you ever wish to dispose of a set or if you hear of an available set, please keep the students in mind.

Acts of Synod. In the near future we hope to contribute to a discussion of the subject of baptism on the mission field, in connection with the Study Report which was referred to our churches for study. At present, however, we do not plan to republish in its entirety the material which was before Synod, since this will be included in the 1976 Acts. The Stated Clerk informs me that the 1976 Acts will be available by the time this appears in print. They will be distributed to all our Protestant Reformed families at their respective churches. We urge you to read and study the pertinent material. Readers of our Standard Bearer outside the Protestant Reformed Churches who are interested in this subject may obtain a copy of the 1976 Acts of Synod by writing to the Stated Clerk: Rev. M. Joostens, 7194 – 20th Ave., Jenison, Mich. 49428. The price is $2.00.