August 24-26 were the dates of the annual Protestant Reformed Young Peoples Convention. The 1976 convention was held at Camp Geneva on the shore of Lake Michigan just north of Holland, Michigan. Rev. Slopsema, Rev. VanOverloop, and Rev. Bekkering addressed the convention on successive evenings. The young people of our Southwest Church, Wyoming, Michigan were the host society for this year’s convention. They worked long and hard to make the 1976 convention possible. On June 10, the young people sponsored a “Family Night” in Grand Rapids to raise money for the convention. Even the young people from Randolph, Wisconsin, participated by sponsoring a booth selling Wisconsin cheese and sausage. The “Family Night” activities raised about $1200 for the convention. The Southwest young people received $540 for convention ‘patrons’ in their own congregation. 

A number of rather ‘special events’ were reported in this column during the course of the year. It was brought to my attention that one of these ‘events’ was not mentioned. So, here it is, better late than never. “Rev. and Mrs. M. Joostens rejoice in the birth of a son, Steven Jay, born February 18.” 

Our congregation in Isabel, South Dakota, schedules a regular program of Sunday evening discussion groups. Their topic this summer has been church extension work. Their regular schedule was postponed on June 20 by a program in our church in Forbes, North Dakota. Prof. H. Hoeksema presented a lecture-slide program on his and Rev. Hanko’s trip to Australia and New Zealand last summer. Isabel plans to take up the topic of baptism on the mission field in the near future, a question which our 1976 Synod has referred to the churches for one year for discussion. Rev. Miersma has requested the congregation to “search out the question” in preparation for their discussion on this question. 

Our congregation in Prospect Park, New Jersey, rejoiced recently in the public confession of faith made by a young couple of the church. Events such as this are important in the life of all our churches, but are especially meaningful in the life of our smaller congregations. 

Rev. Moore wrote that the congregation in Edmonton was deeply touched by the death (in an auto accident) of a young man of their number—one who had plans, incidentally, to enter our seminary in the fall. 

The consistory of Hope Church (Walker, Michigan) has made the decision to administer the sacrament of baptism on the pulpit so it will be more visible to all. 

Hudsonville Church’s new building is well on the way. By the time you read this, the roof should be on. In order that their church might receive a new coat of paint, the men of our Edgerton, Minnesota congregation were asked to participate in a church ‘painting bee.’ Redlands scheduled a special congregational meeting of August 30 to consider an offer to purchase their church property. 

Judging by the number of our ministers who visited and preached in our church in Loveland, Colorado this summer, Loveland must not have suffered from a want of visitors again this year. Loveland Men’s Society scheduled a public lecture by Rev. J. Kortering on a topic related to Evangelism on August 30. 

A year ago we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Protestant Reformed Churches. This summer two of our congregations celebrated their 50th anniversaries—Hudsonville with a public program on July 29, and South Holland, Illinois with a picnic and program on August 21. Rev. M. Schipper, a former pastor, who spent nine and a half years of his ministry in South Holland, was asked to speak and to preach on that happy occasion. 

The number of items in our church bulletins markedly increased by the end of August with announcements that schools, societies, and other organizations were resuming their meetings after the summer recess. The Theological School of our churches marks the beginning of the new school year with a convocation service—scheduled this year on September 8 at Hope Church.