We take this opportunity to wish you, our readers, a blessed New Year. We realize that for many of you, especially our overseas readers, this greeting will reach you a good many days or weeks after January 1; but this is the proper place for such a greeting, seeing that this is our first issue in the year of our Lord 1984. We do well to remember that this is indeed the “year of our Lord,” and that, too, from every point of view. He is on the throne! And while there are increasingly some very ominous clouds on the horizon of history, clouds that seem to threaten the very right of existence of the church of Jesus Christ in the midst of the world, we may have peace in the assurance that He rules the world, and that therefore all things must and do work together for good to them that love Him, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

Publication News

Earlier we had mentioned the possibility of publishing the RFPA Bible Story book in late 1983. As you now realize, that proved to be impossible. There were simply too many details connected with the preparation of this book to achieve that goal. At this writing we are almost ready to go to press, and we are hoping to have the book on the market sometime next spring—if everything goes smoothly, early spring. We also hope to have the new edition of our Church Order(the RFPA is handling the publishing details of this) available in the near future. Our Managing Editor encountered considerable difficulty and delay in getting the right kind of loose-leaf binder for this book; but it appears now as though this difficulty is solved.

Postal Service

Recently I received some personal reports that theStandard Bearer arrives very late in some localities. I may inform you that such tardiness is not the fault of our Business Office. Our Business Manager invariably has the Standard Bearer in the mail within a day or two of its publication date. The problem lies with the Postal Service. If you are one of those who is the victim of extreme tardiness, please let our Business Office (not the Editor) know about it. We will inquire whether anything can be done about the problem.

Due to abundance of copy, your editor is taking a vacation for one issue.