Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the Randolph, WI PRC sponsored a Spring Lecture again this year. Prof. H. Hanko, of the Protestant Reformed Seminary, spoke on March 25 in Randolph on the broad theme of Church Unity and Ecumenism.

In an attempt to stir up a little interest in good Christian books, the Evangelism Committee of the Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada asked some thought-provoking questions about creation. Had anyone there ever wondered about dinosaurs … or about where all the water of the Flood came from … or if it is true that Noah’s ark had been discovered? To help answer these and many other questions, they recommended that members of their congregation get and read The Flood, by Dr. Alfred Rehwinkel. Possibly you might consider doing the same.

In a follow-up to a recent “News,” we note that our Edgerton, MN PRC has prepared a pamphlet, patterning it after the model of some of our other churches, which will serve as a nice, concise introduction of Edgerton and our churches, to anyone interested. The Lord willing, a copy of this pamphlet was to be mailed to every household in Edgerton, Woodstock, Chandler, and Leota.

Many of our regular readers will remember that our Trinity PRC in Houston, TX has been busy the past couple of years with evangelism work with the large Indian population in the Houston area. This work continues today, with much of the effort being done with the Christian S.I.N.D.H.I. organization, or Sindhi International Network Discipling Houston’s Indians. This effort of Trinity received a boost this past month when approximately twenty young people from our Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI spent their spring break at Trinity, taking part in a week-long Evangelism Seminar entitled, “Reaching the Nations with the Gospel of Grace.” Not only were the young people kept busy the entire week with a wide range of activities, from Sunday worship services with Trinity’s congregation, to evangelism meetings with the Christian SINDHI’s and Rev. T. Miersma, our denomination’s home missionary, but they also had time to tour different areas of interest in and around Houston, including China and Indian Town, in addition to enjoying a meal at Akbar, an Indian restaurant.

The young people also spent the better part of a day working at a spring clean-up around the Trinity church building.

Congregational Activities

The Council of the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA was so impressed with a paper given by Rev. Ron Cammenga on the subject of “Promise Keepers” at this year’s officebearers’ conference, that they decided to put it to further use, particularly because of its immediate relevance. There was a massive rally of Promise Keepers being planned for Southern California in April. For that reason Redlands’ Council decided to make copies of that paper available so Hope’s membership could be informed about this latest, sensational movement that continues to sweep into many churches. Quite honestly, not just Hope’s congregation, but all of us are faced with that same question: may we in any way participate?

Sunday evening, March 24, the Hudsonville Choral Society from Hudsonville, MI PRC gave their annual Spring Concert with a nice selection of songs commemorating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Men’s Society of the Hull, IA PRC invited the men from their two neighboring congregations, the Doon, IA and Edgerton, MN PRCs, to join with them in a combined meeting. Bible discussion centered on Genesis 39, with an after-recess program looking at the subject of “Christian Liberty,” what it is and what it means for us.

School Activities

Our Covenant Christian School in Lynden, WA has formed a special committee to study the use of their school facilities and possible future expansion. This committee will consider the limitations of their present property from the standpoint of physical room and governmental regulations. A canvass of young families regarding interest and future enrollment was also planned.

The students of the Hope Christian School in Redlands, CA presented their All-School Spring Program on March 22 under the theme, “Jesus, the Chief Corner Stone.”

Minister Activities

Rev. and Mrs. M. Dick, of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI (the Lord willing), were blessed with the birth of a baby boy, Nathaniel William, on March 25. Rev. Dick was scheduled to preach his farewell sermon at Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada on March 31, with an anticipated move to Michigan the second week in April and installation at Grace planned for April 21.

Related to the above news about Rev. Dick, we learned that our Immanuel PRC announced the following trio: the Revs. Bekkering, denHartog, and Key. And from those three they extended a call to Rev. Bekkering.

The vacant Doon, IA congregation has extended a call to Rev. K. Koole.