News From Our Churches

Our Missionary now conducts Sunday morning services at Tripp, South Dakota. The service is at 10:30, following a 9:30 Sunday School session for all ages. Rev. Lubbers also conducts mid-week services there on Wednesday evenings, continuing his series of sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism. The Missionary has also announced two Thursday evening services to be held in Scotland, South Dakota, on May 11 and 18, with the first two questions and answers of the Catechism as sermon material. Other activity in this field, sponsored by the Reformed Action Committee, is the distribution of pamphlets in the area which also includes Menno and Kaylor, South Dakota. 

The latest pamphlet, mentioned above, was entitled, “Every Tongue Shall Confess,” wherein Rev. Kortering examined the idea of confessing “that Jesus is Lord” (Phil. 2:11) under the headings, “I believe—a personal confession, ” “We believe—the confession of the church,” “The historical occasion for confessions,” “The rightful place of confessions,” and “The practical place of confessions.” The treatise closed with the following paragraph: “When the Scripture lives in the hearts of believers, confessions are championed, loved, and studied. The church is strengthened for her calling in the world by their use. When this militant church will pass into the triumphant, the written confession will have served its purpose and our tongues will confess everlastingly that. Jesus Christ is Lord.” 

In one of the Oak Lawn’s bulletins we found this arresting announcement: “All the men and women of the congregation are invited by the Men’s, Society to meet at church tomorrow evening at 7:30. Rev. Vanden Berg will introduce the subject, ‘Responsibility.’ ‘Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is’ (Heb. 10:25), but use this opportunity to spend an evening in Christian fellowship about the Word of God in the exercise of the communion of saints.” Methinks the text reference is a point well taken because of those who think that some “assemblies” may be neglected with impunity. 

From the Program Committee of the Reformed. Witness Hour comes this contribution: “Rev. H. Hanko; pastor of the Hope Protestant Reformed Church, will be the speaker on the radio broadcasts to be heard the four Sundays in June. His sermons are based on texts found in the First Epistle of Peter. The first message is entitled, “The Victory is Baptism,’ to be followed by sermons concerning ‘Jesus in Heaven,’ ‘Casting Our Cares Upon God,’ and ‘Resisting the Devil.’ We urge you to listen to these inspiring radio messages. Written copies can be obtained by request. The mailing address is, ‘The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Covenant Committee (members of Hope Church) report that during the past two months their mailing list increased by 60, making the total distribution of their May mailing to 420 copies. They have already mailed out their sixth pamphlet entitled, “The Sovereignty Of God And Sin” which is part of a series by Rev. H. Hanko on the general subject, “The Covenant With Adam.” In their last news letter. they quote from letters received from Lansing, Ill., Boaz, Ala., Havertown, Pa., and Smith Center, Kan. Hope’s consistory studies all correspondence received by the Committee. 

South Holland’s consistory is considering holding evening services during July and August instead of afternoon services. It seems that the auditorium gets quite warm during summer afternoons, and the congregation has earlier signified their desire for this change. Before going ahead with the plan, the consistory gave opportunity to those who feel that it would work a hardship upon their families to present their objections at a May 17 consistory meeting. 

It was in Hope’s bulletin (April 30) that we discovered the first announcement of the annual church Sunday School picnic date—August 2! The second was in Oak Lawn’s (May 12) which announced an invitation from the South Holland Church to join them on Memorial Day, at Glenwood Woods in their annual picnic. 

Did you use the envelope for your contribution to the Young People’s Convention in Loveland? 

Hudsonville has begun their Summer Sunday School with a class-arranging session May 7. 

Did you know—that the Men’s Chorus of First Church traveled to South Holland, May 19, to render a concert in the auditorium of the Calvary Reformed Church? and, that Rev. G. VandenBerg, of Oak Lawn, lectured in Hudsonvilie May 19, the topic—”The Responsibility of Man”? and, that the Society for Secondary Protestant Reformed Education met Monday evening, May 15, at our Southwest Church in Grand Rapids? 

Because of the interest shown in the subject of “Go9 and Magog” in the discussions of the Oak Lawn’s Men’s’ Society, an opportunity was given all interested persons to hear a tape recording of the Rev. M. Schipper’s recent radio sermon on that topic. The recording was to be heard in the church on Sunday evening at 7:30. 

May the unrest of the nations—wars and rumors of wars—which kindle interest in such subjects as The Last War by Gog and Magog, lead us into the contemplation of the sweet comfort tendered by our Lord as it is recorded for us in John 14:27, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” 

. . . . see you in church.