The pre-convention Hymn-Sing was held in Hudsonville Church, Sunday evening, August 13. Chas. Westra, of Southeast church conducted the “sing,” with Jim Jonker, of First church, at the organ and Mrs. B. Lubbers, of Hudsonville, at the piano. Special numbers were: a medley of hymns arranged for the piano, by Mrs. B. Lubbers, and a tenor solo, by Gerald Kuiper, of Hope church, accompanied by Miss Bonnie Bylsma, of First church. Lammert Lubbers, of the Beacons Lightsstaff, gave a good description of the plans for traveling to and from Loveland so the delegates and the parents might learn those plans first hand. The hymn-sing was scheduled for 9:15 so that the Grand Rapids people might attend—with excellent results. 

The published annual financial report of Adams St. School again revealed “the good hand of our God upon us” even as upon Nehemiah of old. After a year of anxious board meetings, and extraordinary expenses ($1200.00 for termite treatment alone) and a twice conducted deficit drive, the treasurer balanced out only six dollars short of last year. “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised,” Psalm 48:1a. 

The July 30 services at Edgerton were re-arranged so that Rev. Lubbers might arrive to conduct an evening service there. Elder Gunnink conducted a reading service in the morning. The change necessitated the cancellation of the evening young people’s meeting. Rev. Lubbers also preached in Doon the first two Sunday afternoons in August, with Rev. VanBaren preaching for the Missionary in Tripp in the morning and his own pulpit evenings, thereby obviating reading services entirely. 

Corresponding with the above paragraph, all the bulletins reveal that this past summer did not provide real vacations for our clergy—only vacations from making new sermons, not from preaching them. It seems they all traded pulpits with one another so that reading services were kept at a minimum, proving that our ministers are worthy nominees to the household of Stephanas, I Cor. 16:15

Edgerton School Society scheduled their annual “cleaning bee” on August 17. Because the many hands that made the work light were also loving hands, the task was also pleasant.

Rev. and Mrs. H. Hoeksema left Grand Rapids August 17 to travel to Loveland by train—the Reverend to give the key-note speech at the Young People’s Convention—then on to Redlands, Calif., combining business with pleasure; the business part being a Synodical Committee assignment.

The Prot. Ref. Action Society has published two more pamphlets: the one by Rev. B. Woudenberg, entitled, “My Counsel Shall Stand,” a message treating the Word of God as it is recorded in Isaiah 46:9, 10; the other pamphlet was written by Rev. J. Kortering, explaining II Peter 1:10 under the theme, “Making Our Election Sure.” Should any of our readers be interested in receiving the pamphlets published by this society they may be had upon request. The address: The Reformed Witness, Box 18, Doon, Iowa. 

A notice in First’s bulletin urges the people to notify friends and relatives in Europe to tune in the Reformed Witness Hour at 9:30 British time every Sunday morning. It is being received in the Netherlands on the 31 meter band; 9705 kcs. The program is also broadcast on the 41 and 49 meter bands simultaneously. This missionary venture is an excellent means for our small denomination to preach the truth to hundreds of thousands of potential listeners—a deserving object of our prayers, don’t you agree? 

Grand Haven’s annual picnic was scheduled to be held August 17 at Tunnel Park on Lake Michigan. This picnic was under the auspices of the Sunday School Society. 

The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour informs us that Rev. A. Mulder, Pastor of the Prot. Ref. Church in Kalamazoo, Mich., will, D.V., be the guest speaker during the month of September. The titles of Rev. Mulder’s four radio messages are four questions found in the Holy Scriptures regarding the salvation of God’s people. They are: “Who then can be saved?”, “What must I do to be saved?”, “Are there few that be saved?”, and, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven?’ For printed copies of the radio sermons write to: The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Evaluating the many church bulletins mailed to us we note that most of them are written by the minister of each congregation, and, we unwaveringly nominate Hudsonville’s as the best in the friendly-letter-from-the-pastor division. 

Oak Lawn’s and South Holland’s consistories have drawn up a plan by which the catechism classes of the two churches may be conducted in their own Christian School during the coming year. 

A filler in Hull’s bulletin was used by Rev. Kortering to bulwark his sermon on Lord’s Day 25, and was a quotation from a work of H. Veldkamp entitled, “Zondags kinderen,” and the whole quotation was in the Holland language! 

A reminder: An eager interest in the affairs of the Church of Christ should prompt each family to obtain a copy of the 1961 Acts of Synod. Contact your Clerk or Pastor.

Thought for the harvest season: As we behold the harvest of the fields we may know it is a picture of the heavenly as we are also reminded in I Cor. 3:6, “So then is neither he that planteth anything, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.” May the appreciation of that truth cause us to join Asaph in Psalm 75, “Unto thee 0 God do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.” 

. . . . see you in church.