Deliverance from Millennial Error

Thank you so much for the Standard Bearer. I read each article (other articles are read repeatedly) in each issue with joy. I like God-honoring materials. I am learning a lot about amillennialism. In the seminary, we were not taught about it. All emphasis was given on dispensationalism. In fact, I began to have proper understanding of amillennialism through the Standard Bearer.

Your series of articles, “The Preterism of Christian Reconstruction,” is very, very interesting. I really enjoy reading it! Through them I got a good understanding about preterism and Reconstruction started by Rushdoony. I have a copy of his book. I was supposed to buy Stuart Russell’s book, The Parousia, but I decided not to buy one after reading your articles. Your view, in my considered opinion, is much, much clearer and biblical. I agree with your statement: “Consigning the book of Revelation to the past is, all by itself, the virtual annihilation of biblical Eschatology.” Your refutation of preterism is very good. Thanks for listing also the passages interpreted by preterists to have been exhaustively fulfilled in AD 70. I read each passage (noting its contexts) and I would say, preterism is wrong.

Percival Tanierla

Daet, Camarines Norte

The Philippines