Two monkeys sat in a coconut tree. Said one to the other “What think ye we be? 

Did man come from us, or is that a lie? If that’s not the case, then I will defy. 

Those teachers at Calvin who are making a fool, Not only of us, but of also their School:

Where God’s Word in truth was formerly taught, But now it’s debunked; why with error ’tis fraught. 

That’s what those teachers stand up and say, And drum into their students from day to day.” 

Where will it all end, like Princeton* of old? Yes, it just may be that of their story re-told. 

This is so sad—it makes the saints weep To think that the School has taken that leap. 

From God’s Truth to error, from honor to shame, For the die has been cast, and who is to blame? 

The preachers; the teachers; the School Board’s wit. But of one thing be sure:—it comes from the pit. 

* Princeton Seminary 

Katherine A. Clark 

February 20,1988