Editor’s Notes

This issue is the last one of Volume 44. Again the Lord has given us abundant reason for thanksgiving that we might complete this forty-fourth volume of consistent and distinctive witness to the Reformed faith. The last few pages of this issue contain the annual index for the convenience of those who like to consult past issues in their studies. This is also a reminder that it is time to place your order for a bound copy of Volume 44 if you do not have a standing order. Write to the Business Office. Past volumes,—sometimes all the way back to Volume 1,—are also available on special order. The price of bound volumes is $5.00.

We take this opportunity to introduce to you our personable and efficient new business manager, Mr. Henry J. Vander Wal. Mr. Vander Wal is a member of First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, and has long been associated with our radio broadcast, The Reformed Witness Hour. We wish him well in this new work, and hope that he may enjoy good relationships with our readers and supporters. We also call to your attention the new mailing address of the Business Office: P.O. Box 6064, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49506. All correspondence concerning subscriptions, announcements, anniversary notices, sympathy notices, etc., should be sent to the Business Office, not to the editor. Please observe this rule; it makes for a smoother operation.

The Publications Committee informs me that the supply of “Reformed Dogmatics” is down to 375 copies and selling rather briskly. Any of our readers who still desires a copy of this first edition will be well-advised to order it soon. The price is $14.95, and the address is: Reformed Free Publishing Association, Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501.

Another bit of publication news. Work is progressing as rapidly as possible toward the publishing of “Behold, He Cometh!” This will be a one-volume edition of the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s exposition of the Book of Revelation. Target date for our pre-publication sale is about the first of next year, D.V. Watch for more news about this.