God’s Covenant Faithfulness. The three addresses delivered on this subject at the Young People’s Convention are published in this issue. Beacon Lightsis also carrying them. But because these addresses were part of our denominational Golden Anniversary celebration, we want to publish and preserve them in the pages of the Standard Bearer. This, plus the fact that the Index to Volume 51 is included in this issue, accounts for the fact that some of our regular departments are omitted.

Blue for Black. No, not black and blue! But last year some of you who receive an annual bound volume had your sets spoiled because all our bound volumes turned out to be black, instead of some blue. Well, here is good news! We have a new binder. And if you would still like your Volume 50 in blue instead of black, MAIL IT IN IMMEDIATELY to the Business Office; it will be rebound in blue—at no cost to you! Yes, our Business Office aims to please! But be prompt: this special service has to be done while Volume 51, just completed, is being bound.

Tour Report. The promised report on our Australasian experiences will begin in the next issue. Our report to the Contact Committee had priority and (as of this writing) has just been completed. Besides, there is an unspeakable amount of catching up to do after an absence of 7 weeks! That accounts for the delay.

Who Has It? Our seminary library reports that someone (unknown) has our copy of the 1952 Acts of Synod of the P.R. Churches. Does that somebody happen to be you? If so, please return this little book. We won’t prosecute.

Who Doesn’t Have It Yet? I mean the anniversary book, God’s Covenant Faithfulness. Our business office reports that about 2,000 copies have been sold already! If you have not yet purchased a copy, by all means do so soon! And don’t forget copies for your children—even for your little children, who will appreciate this historic volume when they grow up! The price is $5.95, and your order should be sent to: Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.

Another Note About Bound Volumes. A telephone call from our Business Manager brought the information that he has on hand a considerable stock of bound volumes (all black) dating back a few years. These are available for the price of $7.00. In fact, the Business Manager says that, given time; he could still gather a complete set of 51 volumes. How would you like that for $357.00?

Effective Immediately! Please send all news items of churches and schools to our new News Editor: Mr. Kenneth Vink, 1422 Linwood, S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507. Yes, D(onald) D(oezema), at his own request, has graduated from editor/reader to just plain reader. Thanks, “D.D.”, for your years of faithful and prompt writing for our News column. And welcome, “K.V.”, to our Staff! And please, ministers and clerks, send the church news to our News Editor. If it’s only your weekly bulletin, it will help. The poor man can’t very well manufacture news; at least, that would soon get him in trouble. Yes, there will be more Staff changes, beginning October 1. But I want to save some goodies for the next issue!