Editorially Speaking

Comments on Special Issue

We were delighted by the many favorable comments about the May 15 special issue on Predestination. Several letters were received in which extra copies were requested, and many oral comments were made. One of the striking facts about that issue was that all the writers wrote independently of one another—the one not knowing what the other would write—and yet there was unity and harmony among the various articles.

Annual Staff Decisions

At the time of Synod’s meetings we also hold our annual staff meeting. The details will be announced later. But we laid plans for more special issues in the coming volume-year and made a few staff changes.

Publication News

In case you missed it, our latest paperback reprint, the late Herman Hoeksema’s The Wonder of Grace is now available from the RFPA at the price of $3.95, with a 20% discount to Book Club members.

By the way, why do you keep putting off signing up for the Book Club? Membership is open to all ourStandard Bearer readers, and all you need to do is send in a card to our Business Office signifying your wish to join. You will automatically get all our new publications at discount.