A New Project 

It is not often that you receive news from our Protestant Reformed Theological School. Nor is it often that our people receive an opportunity to have an active part in the work of our seminary. Hence, the appearance of this little article is in itself a newsworthy event, and merits your careful attention. 

Most of our readers will undoubtedly recall that the committee on arrangements for the 45th Anniversary celebration of the Reverend H. Hoeksema decided that the offerings at that celebration would be used to establish a “Hoeksema Memorial Library Fund” for our Theological School. The undersigned, having been asked by the committee to function as chairman of this fund, immediately enlisted the aid of the Reverends C. Hanko and H. Hanko, the regular library subcommittee of our Theological School Committee. And now the machinery is going into action. 

At a recent meeting of our committee we reached the following conclusions and decisions: 

1. The idea of this “Hoeksema Memorial Library Fund” is that a permanent fund be established for the maintenance and support and enlargement of a special section of our Theological School Library, to be operated independently of our regular library but for the benefit of our seminary. 

2. To make our committee a more representative one by adding to our membership one member from the Midwest, the Rev. B. Woudenberg, and one member from the Far West, the Rev. R.C. Harbach. 

3. To make known the existence and the needs of this fund to all our churches and our people, in order to enlist their financial support for this permanent library project. 

4. To initiate this Memorial Library as soon as possible by establishing, with the advice of the Rev. H. Hoeksema, a special section in our seminary library devoted to worthwhile dogmatical works. 

But now the question remains: how shall this project be supported? Our present modest seminary library is supported through regular synodical channels with a small annual appropriation which amounts to less than 50¢ per family per year. This new project must receive all its support from free will offerings! Here, therefore, is a splendid opportunity for all our people to show their tangible support for our seminary, the main-spring of our churches, as well as to show their respect and thankfulness for what the Lord has given our ministry and our churches through all these years through the labors of the Reverend H. Hoeksema. Many of you could not be present at the celebration last summer, and thus you had no opportunity to contribute. You have an opportunity now! Besides, your committee would like to see a steady stream of contributions not only immediately, but for years to come. This is apermanent project! 

How can you give your support? 

In the first place, our congregations can give an occasional special collection to this cause. Yes, we know there are already many “specials.” But this is the first time your seminary has ever asked for anything special. 

In the second place, all the societies in our churches could well keep this project in mind when they make their annual disbursements. 

In the third place, we are banking strongly on generous individual contributions. Your committee feels that this will perhaps be the main source of income. Send your contribution directly to us. 

And finally—from a more long range point of view—why not remember this project with a worthwhile bequest in your will? The church is often forgotten in this respect; but it need not and ought not to be. 

One final word. Would it not be wonderful if your free-will support would be so overwhelmingly generous that this Memorial Library would soon outgrow our regular seminary library? You can make this a reality. 

Watch for progress reports! 

On behalf of the committee, 


P.S. Address all correspondence and contributions to my address: 1218 Griggs St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Report of the Western Ladies’ League 

held in Doon, Iowa on October 12, 1960 

“The Lord’s Prayer,” “One Sweetly Solemn Thought” and “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked,” were played as the organ prelude. Singing the theme song, Psalter No. 298 and No. 87, “God the Only Deliverer,” Scripture reading from Hebrews 6 and prayer by our president, Mrs. Wm. Kooiker opened the meeting. Minutes of the previous league meeting and the board and delegate meeting were read and approved. During the offering, which amounted to $27.25, Psalter No. 88, “The Goodness of God Proved,” was sung. 

Our speaker was Rev. Kortering and his topic, “Faith the Anchor of Hope.” The subject comes as a figure: the soul is as a ship that is on the sea. Man is troubled by the perils of life. The soul, which is the ship, is anchored in faith. The anchor is hope and the chain is faith. Anchor has depth and must fasten itself in the sea. It must be reliable, not rusty. Hope is our anchor and as such is the goal of our life: the prize of the high calling of the children of God. It must be weighty, reliable, and steadfast. Natural man has no goal to attain, has no anchor. The hope of the child of God is Christ; He is the object of our hope. Noah and Abraham had the promise, the veil in the temple prevented fellowship with God for these patriarchs. When Christ went into the depths of hell the veil was torn. We can achieve the hope. Christ comes into our life through church attendance and societies. We have an anchor fixed in God, an anchor that is weighty because Christ is reliable. The storm is ever upon the children of God. The pressure of life is severe. 

We speak of the soul, body and spirit of man, that is the outward and inward life of man. The soul is the inner life. The desires, longings, joys and sorrows comprise the soul. When the soul finds itself on the sea of life it needs an anchor. Trouble makes the soul restless and tempest tossed. As a ship needs an anchor, a soul needs hope. Without Christ a soul is without purpose and is utterly hopeless. 

The chain that binds us steadfastly is faith. Faith is rooted in hope and binds us with hope. There is no faith where there is no hope. All that we have in faith is anchored in Christ who went to Calvary and rent the veil and brought His church to heaven. As surely as Christ went to heaven there is the chain that leads us to heaven. The stronger the chain the safer the ship. 

The Doon ladies presented a duet, “Saved by Grace” and then Rev. B. Woudenberg answered our questions. The first was, Is it possible for anyone to die before his time? and was taken from Ecclesiastes 7:17

Amos 8: To explain the point an illustration was used. The U.S.A. is a land of prosperity and a melting pot of churches. In these churches modernism has taken over and the children of God left in these churches thirst for the truth. We as churches are called to testify of the Sovereignty of God. 

May we as women vote in the presidential election? The principle involved is that the head of the home should have the voice in the government, in civic affairs as well as in the church. 

Our meeting was closed by singing Psalter No. 400. 

Mrs. Henry Huisken, Reporter 

Edgerton, Minnesota