The consistory of Grand Haven has presented a trio from which the congregation will choose a minister-elect. The trio consists of the Revs. G. Lubbers, M. Schipper and G. VanBaren. 

Hudsonville has for years held its second service in the evening instead of afternoon during the summer months. Recently the congregation decided to maintain that summer schedule throughout the entire year. This decision was precipitated by the pastor’s doctor who decreed that Rev. Vos should space his preaching to that extent.

The November Beacon Lights Singspiration was held on the 27th at Hudsonville Church, with Gerald Kuiper, of Hope Church, leading the singing. 

At a recent Mr. and Mrs. Society meeting in Hudsonville a representative from Bethany Home, of Grand Rapids, exhibited colored slides and gave a narration of the work of that institution. The occasion gave opportunity to remember the Home with an offering. 

Because of Rev. Lubbers’ proximity to Hull he will be asked to fill Rev. Kortering’s pulpit while he is on classical appointment in South Dakota. 

We note that Sunday School Teachers’ meetings are held on various days in the different churches. Some are scheduled for Monday evening, (Redlands, for one), giving the teachers opportunity to study the material after the teachers’ meeting; and others are held Friday evening (First Church, for one), giving the teachers time to study before the meeting. We wonder which plan affords the better results. 

The men of Redlands congregation are notified by bulletin announcement which week they are expected to clean the church, and to write to the serviceman. Those two tasks always fall on the same week probably because such a schedule calls for but a single bulletin announcement. 

More News from the Program Committee of The Reformed Witness Hour 

Another station has been added to the seven outlets now broadcasting our Radio Program. The eighth station is W.P.A.Z., in Pottstown, Pa., and our half hour program over this station is sponsored by the First Prot. Ref. Church. With the addition of this radio station our program is now heard over two stations east of the Mississippi River, and four stations to the West, besides the two foreign outlets (Radio Hoyer, Netherlands Antilles, and Trans-World Radio, Monte Carlo, Monaco). 

The Committee sincerely covets God’s blessing upon their radio-work and hopes that the listeners in this newly contacted area will give our program “receptive ears” and will welcome “distinctively Reformed” radio preaching into their homes.

Sunday evening, Dec. 4, Rev. C. Hanko preached in First Church on II Samuel 7:18, 19, tinder the theme, “David’s Joy In The Coming Christ.” This was the beginning of a Series of Christmas messages designed to help us keep our feet in the midst of the “business” of the coming season, a season marked with commercialism of the worst sort. May all of our pastors be used to the end that we shall be able to keep in mind that Christmas, though of pagan origin, may serve as a festival in which the true worship of Immanuel—God With Us—may be exercised. 

The Protestant Reformed Men’s Chorus has announced the presentation of a Christmas Program to be given in First Church Christmas night, after the evening service. All of our people in the area who enjoy male voices lifted up in the praise of the Babe of Bethlehem &ill mark this date on their calendars. 

The Ladies’ Aid Society of Redlands, in an after recess meeting recently, discussed this query from the Question Box: “Why was the Declaration of Principles formulated, and what purpose do they serve? We wonder how many of our denomination can give a clear answer to this pertinent question. 

Loveland’s Prot. Ref. School Society plans to open their school in time for the second semester if a teacher is procured. The bulletin announcement reads, “if at all in the realm of possibilities.” 

Sunday, Nov. 27, Loveland welcomed visitors from our Forbes, South Dakota church and from our South Holland congregation. In a denomination as small as ours it is a special pleasure to meet members of sister churches. 

Hudsonville’s consistory requires individual responses to the questions put to the members of a group making public confession of faith, as seven young people of their congregation did November 27. 

Rev. G. Vanden Berg included with his bulletin contribution to this page a copy of an allegory presented to the South Holland-Oak Lawn membership. The allegory was one which pictures four men who had come to a seeming impasse on their way to the city called Promise. But the seeming impasse was overcome by the four men working in unison. The allegory served to spur their members to concerted effort to overcome any circumstances which might seem to prevent the realization of their own school. To date the Board has procured land, the building plans are completed, and some $10,000.00 is in, or coming in, to cover the first expenses of the desired goal. 

Bulletin Quote: “All the promises of man to man ought to are conditional. It is only for God to make absolute promises, for He alone is unchangeable and omnipotent.” —Toplady. 

. . . . see you in church.