Book Reviews

AMOS AMONG THE PROPHETS, by J.K. Howard; Baker Book House, 1968 (Reprint); 119 pp., $2.95

This book is a brief but excellent commentary on the prophecy of Amos. The book, first published in England in 1967, now appears in this country. It contains a valuable introduction in which the author discusses the whole idea of prophecy in the Old Dispensation as well as the particular historical setting of the prophecy of Amos. The commentary is too brief to be of detailed help in preparation for sermon making; but it is valuable to give a bird’s-eye view of the book and will be of aid for general understanding of the prophecy and for society preparation. The author stresses the relevance of the prophecy for the times in which we live and ought to encourage those who read the book to make a study of this prophet. The book is part of Baker’s “Ministers’ Handbook Series.”