News From Our Churches

Our church at Pella, Iowa, has extended a call to Loveland’s pastor, Rev, Engelsma; and Redland’s pastor, Rev. C. Hanko is considering a call to become South Holland’s minister.

News from a high school the likes of which you will not have found in the public press: In a news letter put out by our Covenant Christian High School the following is an excerpt from the Principal’s Report. “The year was busy and fraught with problems—problems, for the most part, of a minor sort. Truly, when one considers the problems besetting the public high schools and, to a lesser degree, the other Christian High Schools, we have had a quiet year indeed. Our young people are far from perfect (as are their teachers) and partake, sometimes very obviously, of Adam’s fall. Of this there can be no doubt. Yet, and here lies the difference, the miracle of Grace can also be seen in our young people if only we look for it. The beginnings of true righteousness are to be found, and these beginnings offer no small consolation to the Christian teacher!!!”

You must remember when Church Picnics always featured at least one speech by the pastor in times past! This excellent practice is still in vogue in Edgerton, Minn., as evidenced at their July 4 picnic where Rev. Lanting spoke on, “The New Morality, a Sign of the Times.”

The manse at Doon, Iowa welcomed a new resident in June—a baby boy born to Rev. and Mrs. Decker, Timothy Robert, by name.

Our Mission Board, through a sub-committee, has decided to build a fund for the education of young men in Jamaica to become ministers in their churches. The initial contribution to this “Study Fund” was raised at a church picnic at Holland, Mich., to the amount of $73.24.

Meetings of our young people prior to their Convention included an Outing to Grand Haven’s North Shore Park July 11, and a Mass Meeting at Hudsonville July 19.

Our Holland Church has installed a loud speaker in their society room for those who cannot meet with the congregation in the auditorium. The unique feature of this installation is that if one leaves the door ajar the listener can see the pulpit—a sort-of closed-circuit television! 

. . . see you in church