Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

School Activities

On January 6, the School Boards of Adams, Eastside, and Heritage Christian Schools in and around Grand Rapids, MI each held a special society meeting for the sole purpose of approving their respective recommendations to move their 9th grade students to Covenant Christian High School at the earliest time possible.

This recommendation came after each school board reviewed the information provided to them by the Ninth Grade Forum Committee, a committee formed from these three feeder schools and Covenant Christian High to look at the question of placement of 9th grade in high school. This committee met for the first time in the fall of 2006 and spent hundreds of hours over an 18-month period looking at pros and cons of the issue of where to place the 9th grade. Was it better to have these students remain for an additional year at the feeder schools, or have them join the student body at Covenant? In October 2008, the Forum Committee released their report to the members of the school societies with the recommendation to move the 9th grade to Covenant. Opportunity was given through a public informational meeting at Covenant in November for questions and concerns to be addressed. Participating feeder schools then brought the Forum’s recommendation to their respective school societies for a vote. The result was an approval of the recommendation by all three school societies. Covenant Christian High School’s society will now have opportunity to vote on the recommendation within a few weeks of the feeder school’s vote and approval.

The School Board of Trinity Christian High School in Hull, IA sponsored a lecture for the evening of January 12 at the Hull PRC. Rev. Nathan Langerak, pastor of the South Holland, IL PRC, spoke on the topic of “Abounding in the Work of the Lord.” Trinity’s choir provided a special number, and refreshments were served after the meeting.

Talk about good timing! Right in the middle of west Michigan’s coldest temperatures of the winter, and anticipated snowfall of around five inches, the Hope Foundation of Hope PR Christian School in Walker, MI, sponsored their first travelogue of the 2009 season on Saturday, January 17, at the Grandville Middle School Auditorium. The featured film? “Hawaii—the Pacific Paradise.”

Congregation Activities

The third Tuesday of each month, for a half hour in the evening, members of the Lynden, WA PRC join their voices together for a time to sing psalms and hymns for the members of the Christian Health Care Center in Lynden. Those singing could be assured that those who live at the Center would not soon forget Lynden’s short visit and singing in their midst. But then, neither would Lynden! The volunteer coordinator at the Center sent a short note of thanks for Lynden’s tradition of caring, with these words, “The gift of music that you bring on Tuesday evenings is such a blessing! How wonderful to hear hymns at bedtime.”

The Council of Hope PRC in Walker, MI reported that they continue to administer cyclone relief funds to the saints of the Protestant Reformed Churches of Myanmar. The destroyed homes have been rebuilt, but because of a lack of jobs, the members of Rev. Titus’ congregation continue to need support for food, medication, and clothing. At the present rate of distribution, Hope’s funds will be depleted in February 2009. Hope’s council is presently making plans to send a delegation to Myanmar in March, 2009, the Lord willing.

The web site of Grace PRC in Standale, MI recently received a major overhaul. It is easy to use and will be a wonderful tool for the gospel ministry. It has a sermon library that can be downloaded, and it now has live audio streaming during worship services. Check it out at www.graceprc.org.

For the past 68 years, the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI has been the driving force behind our denominational radio program, the Reformed Witness Hour. First celebrated that work with a special program after their Sunday evening worship service January 18. This program offered the members of First an opportunity to become better acquainted with the Reformed Witness Hour Committee, a committee of their church. It also offered a history of the broadcast, and the efforts it takes to keep this radio program on the air. As part of that celebration, Rev. Carl Haak, the radio voice of the RWH, was invited to preach at First that evening and to take part in the celebration as well.

At their December congregational meeting, the members of Hope PRC in Walker, MI approved Phase 1 of their parsonage renovation project. This project will begin after the estimated amount needed for that part of the renovations is collected.

Mission Activities

The members of the Covenant of Grace PR Fellowship in Spokane, WA were forced to hold Sunday worship services at the Quality Inn in Spokane after a sewer line break in their building. No word as to the cause, but seeing the recent reports of snow, rain, and cold around Spokane, we could almost assume it was weather related. Since then repairs have been made.

The DMC arranged for Rev. Jason Kortering to minister to the PR Fellowship in Tucson, AZ for the first months of this year. However, Rev. Kortering is presently suffering from a strained throat, and his doctor has counseled him not to preach for a month. It is uncertain at this point when and if he will be able to go to Tucson.

Rev. Ron VanOverloop and Mr. Tom Schimmel left January 15 for a visit to the Philippine Mission Field. Rev. VanOverloop will stay for 18 days (three Sundays), and teach and preach the Word. Mr. Schimmel will accompany him and return a week earlier, on the 23rd, the Lord willing.

Minister Activities

Rev. Richard Smit, pastor of Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, has accepted the call extended to him from the Doon, IA PRC to become our denomination’s foreign missionary to the Berean PRC in Manila, the Philippines.