Randolph’s congregation has called the Rev. A. Mulder, of Kalamazoo, to be their pastor. Rev. Mulder has been granted an extension of time to answer the call from Isabel-Forbes because of a congregational meeting in those churches regarding a new location for church and parsonage.

The Radio Committee or the Reformed Witness Hoiur wishes to remind our readers of the special program to be held, D.V., Thursday evening at 8 P.M. Jan. 25. This special program will be held in the First Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids to commemorate the 1,000th broadcast of this Distinctively Reformed Radio Ministry. A very interesting program has been arranged—including music written especially for this event—also a twenty minute radio sermon by Rev. Herman Hoeksema. The Committee is sure that an hour and a half of Christian fellowship will be experienced by all those attending . . . “see you in church” . . . Thursday evening, January 25. The Committee.

The Dedication of the Protestant Reformed Christian School of South Holland, Illinois, was held Oct. 27, with Prof. H.C. Hoeksema giving the dedicatory address. The printed programs posted several milestones in their history up to that point—from the organization of their school society Nov. 30, 1955, to the formal opening of the school Sept. 5, 1961. In less than six years the members of the South Holland and Oak Lawn churches, under the continual encouragement of the Revs. H. C. Hoeksema, G. Vanden Berg and J.A. Heys, saw their plans come to realization. Truly, the dedicatory service might be a time of rejoicing, that “hitherto hath the Lord been with us.”

From the October issue of the Adams St. School Announcer we partially quote from Mrs. Veltman’s editorial: “Report cards aren’t merely children reporting and parents commenting. They tell the parents how their child has used the talents God has given him . . . The aim of parents and teachers is to teach our children to glorify God in all that they see, think, and do . . . working and praying together will bring God’s blessing upon our homes and our school.”

The October Beacon Lights Hymnsing was held in Southwest Church. The rainy” weather did not deter the loyal supporters of Beacon Lights from attending. The singing was directed by Mr. Phil Lotterman, with Mrs. Letterman at the organ and Miss Lois Schipper at the piano—all members of Southwest Church. Arnold Dykstra gave a vocal solo, a medley of hymns, with Jim Jonker at the piano. Another special number was an organ solo by Jim Jonker, entitled, “The Church’s One Foundation.” The songs were chosen to fit the occasion of celebrating Reformation Day. Ed Langerak opened the meeting and Rev. Schipper led in closing prayer. This Hymnsing, as others before it, helped us in realizing the answer to the 103rd question of the Heidelberg Catechism.

The Annual meeting of the League of Men’s Societies was held in Hope Church Oct. 30. The League president, Rev. M. Schipper, led in opening devotions and introduced the speaker, Rev. H. Hanko. The title of the speech was, “Reformation, a Manifestation of God’s Wisdom.” The speaker examined the reformations of Luther and Calvin from the viewpoint of the relationship to each other, showing the proper place of each Reformer in God’s Providence to build the Church and keep her in the Truth. This discourse was a unique approach to a well-known subject and was outstanding among the usual run-of-the-mill Reformation Day speeches. Special music was furnished by the Protestant Reformed Men’s Chorus which favored us with two numbers. The after recess period was taken up by some general remarks concerning the Reformers as the comprehensive coverage of his subject precluded the usual questions asked of the speaker. After the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were read Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, president of First’s Men’s Society, led in closing prayer.

First Church’s Nov. 5 bulletin carried this item: “During the past week it has been determined that the condition of Rev. H.H. Kuiper (of Loveland) is more serious than appeared at first, since they have found evidences of cancer. He is content in his God and requests the prayers of our churches for himself and his family. May our God give him and his family abundant grace according to their every need.” Because of this situation the Revs. Hoeksema and Hanks were given permission by their consistory to visit Rev. Kuiper and to preach in Loveland the following Sunday. The Lord willing, they will entrain for Loveland Thursday, Nov. 9, and return to Grand Rapids the next Tuesday.

Statistics vital to this page: Church bulletins, which are the chief sources of the news, come to us very regularly from most of our correspondents: but, in these ten months of 1961 we have received but ten issues from one church, 7 from another, 4 from another, 2 from still another, and from two churched we have received none. But for those faithful correspondents this page would itself be listed with thevital statistics.

Quotation from Loveland’s bulletin, when Rev. Kuiper preached on the Fourth Petition, “All successful prayer is a prompting from’ the Father. My prayer does not change His mind, it is His mind that dictates my prayer. Efficacious prayer is not so much a petition as a prophecy: it is my Father saying to me, ‘This is My will . . . ask this.'” Matheson.

May we as denomination be mindful of Jesus’ instruction as to our prayers: “The harvest time is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He wilt send forth laborers into His harvest.” Matt. 9:37, 35.

. . . . see you in church.