News From Our Churches

Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope Church, declined the call from our Randolph congregation. 

The Junior Mr. and Mrs. Society of First Church sponsored a program featuring our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers. The meeting was held in the gym of Adams St. School. Mr. Fred Hanko, president of the Society, opened the meeting with the reading ofZechariah 4 and then asked his father, Rev. C. Hanko, to lead in prayer. Mr. and Mrs. C. Jonker rendered a vocal duet, which was followed by a short talk by Donald Hauck, a former member of our Forbes Church, who gave a thumbnail sketch of the background of the German people amongst whom the Missionary works. After him Miss Coraine Streyle, of our Isabel Church, told us about the location and of the situation of Forbes and Isabel, and also a little of the work done by our Missionary in those two newest members of our denomination. Rev. Lubbers chose to speak on the text found in Zech. 4 which speaks of “not despising the day of little things.” He described his newest field of labor in Tripp, S. Dakota, and the neighboring towns of Menno and Scotland. The speech was characterized by the humility befitting a Servant of God who is called to work in an area of “The day of little things.” It inspired the audience to rely on the grace of God in His good hand upon us in our missionary endeavors. After the speech Arnold Dykstra sang two numbers, and the meeting was closed with prayer by Rev. H. Hoeksema. An offering was taken for Missions which amounted to $83.00 after expenses. After the program the Mr. and Mrs. Society served refreshments giving opportunity for visiting with Rev. Lubbers and with one another. Everyone there was convinced that it was a worthwhile evening, bringing the needs of our Missionary closer to our hearts, encouraging us to make them the objects of our prayers. 

Easter Sunday evening was enriched for the people of the Hope, Hudsonville, and South Holland-Oak Lawn churches. At Hope an Easter program was rendered by their Choral Society; Hudsonville enjoyed a singspiration sponsored by their Male Quartet; and in South Holland Church the Resurrection Day was concluded with the singing of God’s praises in a singspiration. 

Contribution: “Most everyone enjoys receiving letters by mail. This is certainly true of the Corresponding Secretary of the Radio Committee of the Ref. Witness Hour. Especially true when the writer states that he is ‘helped and comforted’ by the messages heard in these distinctively Reformed broadcasts. Many of The Standard Bearer readers know that the Ref. Witness Hour can be heard in the British Isles by means of Trans World Radio. The following letter was received from Sussex, England: ‘Dear Sir: Please send me the printed sermon entitled, Armed For Suffering, by the Rev. Hanko. We enjoyed a blessed time in the Lord with your ministry through the radio services, and are fairly zealous listeners to your programs. The reception is loud and clear which gives us great delight. We pray that God may double His blessings upon your faithful ministry. In the Lord Jesus’ Name . . . .’ Yes, it is indeed gratifying to the Committee, and to the ministers and musicians who are heard on our programs to hear from the listeners. Address your comments to The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Mich.”

From Grand Haven’s bulletin we learn that Seminarian D. Engelsma conducted the Easter morning service, and was scheduled for both services the next Sunday. Though this congregation is without a minister the bulletin shows that the catechism classes are faithfully conducted, and the Sunday School meets every Sunday after the morning service.

Holland’s consistory has reached a decision to stipulate a definite cause for which the Communion thank-offering will be taken. The March 5th offering was for Pine Rest. 

On March 13 the Men’s Society of Hull was host to the societies of Doon and Edgerton. Ray Brunsting, of the host society, gave a paper based on Matt. 15:8, 9. All of the men were invited to enjoy the evening of Christian fellowship with the members of the combined societies. 

Classis West, in the last meeting reported in our last issue: nominated the following delegates to Synod:Primi—Revs. J. A. Keys, H.H. Kuiper, G. Vanden Berg, H. Veldman; Elders G. Gunnink, E. Hauck, P. Hoekstra, P.A. Poortenga. Secundi—Revs. R.C. Harbach, J. Kortering, G. VanBaren, B. Woudenberg; Elders T. Feenstra, M. Gaastra, W. Griess, R. Regnerus. 

The Office Bearers’ Conference was held in Hope Church April 4, the evening before Classis convened. Prof. H.C. Hoeksema was the speaker, his topic being, “Should the Form for the Lord’s Supper be Revised?” The speaker recalled the history of the Form, discussed the manner in which it was written, and weighed the question of the need for its revision. The speaker also related the recent history, from 1913 to date, in which requests for revision were aired, and in 1959 a trial revision was adopted by the Synod of the Christian Reformed Churches. The Professor criticized some points of that revision, and concluded that it is in his opinion that, revision of our present Form is not necessary, but that it would be dangerous to do so. Thirty-five office bearers were present at this conference to enjoy the timely speech and to ask questions of the speaker after recess. 

. . . see you in church.