News From Our Churches

The 1961 Synod is history. The immediate effects of the meeting were felt in all our churches; with the exception of Lynden, perhaps. Pulpit supplies were arranged and rearranged, with reading services and two and three-way pulpit exchanges not uncommon. The result of Synod’s decisions upon the denominational life of our churches is not yet known, except that we will keep the $5,000 radio station in Monaco for transmitting our European radio broadcasts. The entire report will be in the Year Book, of course, which you will all want to read. 

Did you know that a pre-Synodical prayer service was held in First Church, with the Rev. C. Hanko officiating? and, undoubtedly many of our people heeded the various bulletins’ pleas to pray for our Synod and our churches, but—

Do you know why so very few of us pray with the Synodical delegates in those pre-Synodical prayer services held each year? Our beloved Rev. Ophoff suffered another slight stroke and has been hospitalized. Plans are to have him complete his recuperation at home as soon as it is advisable. Your greeting cards may be sent to him in care of Pine Rest Hospital, 6850 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of Hope’s bulletins announced a special congregational meeting and mentioned some proposals of the consistory regarding some building plans. The next bulletin announced that the proposals were adopted, and resulted in an increase in their monthly building fund assessments from two to four dollars. Do we jump to conclusions when we judge that they are going to build an addition to their auditorium which is now serving capacity duty? The results of a special congregational meeting of South Holland’s church were, among others, these decisions: To install a public address system with a loud-speaker in the basement for overflow audiences; to install an exhaust fan in the attic for cooling purposes; to appoint a committee out of the congregation to work with the consistory to investigate various phases of building a new church

This joyful announcement was found in Lynden’s bulletin: “The consistory has made a down payment on the former Gospel Hall building. We expect to obtain a permit from the city council to move the building to our plots adjacent to the parsonage property. We are grateful to God for the progress made in this direction, and our prayer is that we shall soon have the joy of worshiping in our own meeting place.” We pass this bit of information along to you that we, the “Haves,” may rejoice with the “Have-nots” as they count their many blessings, one by one. 

The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour announces the following schedule for the month of July: Prof. H.C. Hoeksema will be the guest speaker. Under the general theme, “The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures” the speaker will broadcast five sermons entitled, “All Scripture Inspired,” “The Wonder of Divine Inspiration,” “Organically Inspired,” “The ‘Authority of Holy Scripture,” and concluding with, “The Perspicuity of Scripture.” Printed copies of these sermons can be procured by request. The address—The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Commencement exercises of Adams St. School were held in First Church, June 9, with the Rev. M. Schipper of Southwest Church giving the message to the graduates. 

Rev. A. Mulder, of our Kalamazoo Church, was the speaker at the Commencement Exercises of Hope’s School held in the Hudsonville Unity High School gym. 

All of our consistories in Classis East received an official visit from the Church Visitors, Rev. G. Vos, of Hudsonville, and Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, as stipulated by Article 44 of the Church Order. 

Our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers, is currently working in South Dakota, using the Tripp City Hall for public worship services each Sunday morning. Before these 10:30 services Rev. Lubbers conducts a Sunday School at 9:30 for young and old. In the Sunday School a rather thorough and basic study is being made of the Book of Genesis: Creation, The Fall, The Great Promise in Christ, the History of the world before the Flood. Rev. Lubbers thus advertises: “Come one, come all! Learn about the Reformed world-and-life view!” Lynden’s parsonage housed two Rev. Harbachs for a few days in June. 

Lynden’s Pastor was host to hiss brother, Clark, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Stafford, Kansas, who was touring the Northwest with his family. 

To you who celebrate a birthday in July we offer this poem of birthday dedication by Chas. Wesley, quoted in Lynden’s bulletin : God of my life, to thee My cheerful soul I raise; Thy goodness bade me be, And still prolongs my days; I see my natal hour return And bless the day that I was born. My soul and all its powers, Thine, wholly Thine, shall be ; All, all, my happy hours I consecrate to Thee; Whate’er I have, whate’er I am, Shall magnify my Maker’s name. . . . . see you in church.