Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregational Activities 

Perhaps you had the opportunity back in December to take in a Sunday School Christmas program at your church. If you did, then you no doubt extend your sincere thanks, along with mine, to all our Sunday School children and teachers for their Christmas programs. What a joy it was to see the Lord’s goodness to us in our children and to hear them confess the wonderful message of God’s love and grace in the gift of His Son.

The “News” would also be remiss if we did not stop here and add our sincere thanks to the young people of our churches for their efforts during the month of December. We cannot say for certain, but we are relatively confident that all the young people of our churches reserve an evening close to Christmas when they get together both to sing Christmas carols and to deliver Christmas cards to certain widows and widowers, elderly couples, sick and shut in, or those with special needs, in their congregations. Perhaps the young people will never really know just how much those efforts mean to those visited, but let me assure them that it is much appreciated by all the other members of their church home. Not only that, but it also serves as a positive reminder “that he who loveth God, love his brother also” (I John 4:21).

Not all Christmas caroling back in December was limited to our churches’ young people. The 4th and 5th grade Catechism classes of our Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI went caroling in their church neighborhood Sunday evening, December 10. Lunch and games followed the singing.

The Steering Committee of the possible daughter congregation of the Hull, Iowa PRC invited all interested individuals to an informational meeting December 13 in the sanctuary of Hull PRC.

The Christian Fellowship Society of the Hull, Iowa congregation enjoyed their annual Christmas Party December 28 at their church. Activities included a scavenger hunt, followed by fellowship, snacks, and refreshments.

All adult members of the Bible Study Societies of Grace PRC in Standale, MI, whether young or old, married or single, were invited to a special Christmas Bible Study/Song- Fest/Fellowship time on December 19 at their church. Those attending were promised an evening set aside for reflection and gladness as they considered God’s unspeakable gift, His Son, Jesus Christ.

At their annual Congregational Meeting held in mid-December, the congregation of the Lynden, WA PRC approved two proposals from their Council. One proposal was to replace the parsonage roof and the other was to purchase a CD burner for their church’s Evangelism Committee.

Young People’s Activities

The Young People’s Society of the Lynden, WA PRC sponsored a car rally and soup supper Saturday, December 9. This activity was for their entire congregation, even children. The rally began in the afternoon at Lynden, where teams were made for the rally, clues given, and rules explained. After the car rally, a soup supper was also served. Baby-sitters were also provided for those who preferred not to take their children on the car rally. Donations were accepted for the 2007 Young People’s Convention.

The young people of the Byron Center, MI PRC enjoyed a fellowship get-together on December 28. The evening began with some bowling at Fairlanes Bowling Alley in Grandville, followed by a gift exchange and refreshments later at Byron Center.

Members of the Young People’s Society of the South Holland, IL PRC were invited to attend a Chicago Blackhawk hockey game on Friday evening, December 29.

School Activities

Again this past Christmas season the students of Covenant Christian High School in Grand Rapids, MI sponsored a Gift Certificate Drive to help those in need in our area PR churches. To participate one could purchase gift certificates to area grocery stores, gas stations, etc, or simply send a check to Covenant. We can also happily report that in a subsequent announcement from Covenant, they thanked everyone who contributed. While they did not have the exact numbers yet, they had already exceeded their goal for the drive.

The Promoters of Eastside Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI invited their supporters to a physical and mental activity night at Eastside on December 27. Participants were advised to come prepared for activities that included bombardment, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, and other board games.

The students of the South Holland, IL Christian School presented their annual Christmas Program on December 21 at Cornerstone PRC in Dyer, IN. The program developed the theme, “God’s Covenant Promise Fulfilled.”

Mission Activities

The Council of Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI, the calling church for our denomination’s mission work in Pittsburgh, PA, organized two work groups to go to Pittsburgh to work on the recently purchased church buildings. The first was to go around January 5, D.V. This group’s duty was primarily to clear out and then clean up the buildings. The second group was scheduled to go down the week of January 22 D.V., and was to do repair work on the buildings, including carpentry, plumbing, painting, and other work.

The Domestic Mission Committee of our churches has a committee dedicated to the development of mission policy, fields, promotion, and advertising. This committee has developed a web page to promote missions, to let people know what our mission committee does, and especially to give to interested persons a point of contact with the PRCA, if they are interested in our churches becoming involved in mission work in their community. Interested? Check out the page at www.prcahome

Minister Activities

January 1, 2007 the congregation of the Doon, IA PRC, the calling church for our denomination’s mission work in the Philippines, extended a call to Rev. Dick to serve as our churches’ next missionary there.