During the past seventeen months we in the congregation of Doon have been, through the Lord’s dispensation, without a pastor. On Sunday, March 20, 1955, the Rev. H.C. Hoeksema preached his farewell to the congregation. On the evening of March 24 a congregational farewell was given to Rev. and Mrs. Hoeksema and family, at which time the congregation wished them the Lord’s blessing in their new field of labor. 

And even as it pleased the King of His church to take from us our beloved pastor, Rev. H.C. Hoeksema, so too after many calls He again gladdened our hearts by bringing to us another of His servants, in order that he might proclaim unto us the Word, both in the weekly service and by means of the many other pastoral labors. Thus our hearts were filled with rejoicing and thanksgiving to our covenant God when we received the tidings that Candidate G. VanBaren was coming to help us. And so it was again a memorable evening in Doon, the evening of October 11, 1956, when our moderator, the Rev. J.A. Heys, delivered the sermon for the occasion from II Timothy 4:2, “Preach the Word.” The attention of both congregation and pastor was very vividly directed to the meaning, manner, and significance of the charge to preach the Word. After this, the Rev. K. Veldman spoke on the theme, “Pray for your pastor.” 

On October 14, our new pastor preached his inaugural sermon. In the morning he chose for his text Colossians 3:23, 24, having for his theme, “The life of Consecration to the Lord.” In the afternoon he drew the attention of the congregation to John 10:27, 28, “Christ’s Sheep.” October 16 was the date of the congregational reception for the purpose of welcoming our new pastor into our midst, as well as for the Rev VanBaren in making the acquaintance of his congregation. 

With gratitude we remember the faithful labors of the Rev. H.C. Hoeksema who spent some five and a half years in our midst. Our prayer is that the Lord may bless him in his new field of labor. 

We also wish to thank especially our moderator, Rev. J. Heys, for his assistance; also the Rev. H. Veldman for his part in the installation ceremony. Further, we desire to thank publicly all the ministers of Classis West, as well as Rev. B. Woudenberg and student Mulder, who supplied our pulpit during our vacancy.

By the time that this is published, the congregation and pastor of Doon will have settled down to normal congregational life. It is our prayer that we may, with our new pastor, experience a fruitful ministry of the Word under the blessing of our gracious heavenly Father. May we, with all our Protestant Reformed Churches, experience that the Lord doth prosper Zion. May we ever have grace to be true to the glorious heritage which He hath given us. 

The Consistory of Doon,

Jake Vanden Top, Clerk