The Causes of AIDS

Your editorial in the April 1, 1992 Standard Bearer entitled “The Gospel-Truth about AIDS” gave an apt analogy concerning the death of immune-deficient churches.

Although AIDS is, indeed, caused by sin and disobedience to the law of God, the blame is not to be put exclusively at the feet of homosexuality. The population of drug addicts in the USA, for instance, has been decimated by AIDS, and many of that group were heterosexuals.

In some parts of the world, as sections of Africa, the ravages of AIDS show up most among heterosexuals, their lifestyle in general being promiscuous, with little virtue attached to monogamy or respect of marriage vows.

It was stated in a New York Times article that appeared early in the public’s awareness of AIDS (sorry, I didn’t save the article and reference) that one theory as to the origin of AIDS is that on the African continent, one person’s act of bestiality (breaking another of God’s laws) may have transferred a virus that an animal could live with to a human in whom it became the deadly AIDS virus, but not before that, individual had infected other human beings.

The fact that the wealthy, American, jet-set, homosexual crowd, who will travel far to get their sexual thrills in exotic places, happened to pick up this virus and bring it back to our shores; the fact that homosexual sex is often in multiple “bathhouse”-type encounters, even many within a single evening; the fact that such sex practices make depository of sperm against membranes not designed for the sex act and consequently, which easily rupture and transfer to the blood many diseases (not just AIDS); and the fact that the effects of the AIDS virus don’t show up for years, which meant that the disease was disseminated for a long time without homosexuals even knowing a deadly killer was among them – all these factors made AIDS appear, when at last it broke out amongst them in severe sickness and death, as if the disease were the fault of the homosexuals. The truth is that the virus in bodily fluids can be spread through any type of sex, through contaminated hypodermic needles, through exchange of saliva, through a cut in the skin, and even from an infected mother to her unborn child.

The “lifestyle” of sin, in general, brings us not only AIDS, but a host of other horrible effects from the time of the Fall. Eventually all of us will experience physical death as a result, whether it’s sooner, because we have AIDS, or later, because we die of “old age.”

N.P. Jefferson

Hawthorne, New Jersey