We like what we read in The Standard Bearer. It’s instructional in the Scriptures, it’s edifying, and it sets forth the Reformed interpretations of the Word of God as we have received it from the fathers of the faith.

How interesting to note that the magazine is being distributed and read in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, England, and wherever the Lord in His good providence may want it read and reread.

It is our hope and wish that more readers would get involved in airing their views and concerns about the contents, as well as their likes and dislikes of your magazine. Apathy seems to be the spirit of the day.

May the “voice of the Standard Bearer ever be heard round the world.

Henry Doorn

Kentwood, MI

In the article, “The Cost of Christian Education” (February 15, 1989), it is stated that the sliding scale in our Christian School system is a good practice because it allows all parents to keep their children in school. Surely a God-fearing parent would seek help from the deacons in his church prior to sending his children to a public school system.

Furthermore, it is stated that if parents with two or more children could no longer keep these children in school because they were not able to pay the full tuition, that income would be lost to the school and the parents with one child in school would pay even more tuition to make up the deficit. This is not necessarily true, because much of the cost involved in staffing and maintaining a school is proportional to the number of students. For example, if you had fewer students, less staff would be proportionally reducing your costs.

The article goes on to state that “of great concern to the whole church is that Christian education be affordable.” If it is indeed of concern to the whole church, then maybe we should get the whole church involved in the process through the office of the deacons instead of letting the parents of one child foot the bill for the rest of the congregation. It would be possible for the deacons to set up a tuition help fund for a person who is truly needy and cannot afford the cost of a quality Christian education.

What would I suggest? I would suggest that every school set up an endowment fund and actively seek donations from every church member, because, as part of God’s covenant family, we all have a stake in the development of our children. This method enables those who are blessed financially to help the poorer of the congregation. There is no reason to dump the burden of paying for our covenant children on the families with only one child. The “sliding scale” is archaic and unfair, and should be done away with.

Our schools should be put on firm financial ground, instead of running from behind with huge deficits in our budgets. We should start to build for the future with endowment funds, while there is prosperity, so that our children and grandchildren have less of a burden to bear and our teachers don’t have to live at the poverty level.

Robert Van Baren

Crete, IL