We appreciate The Standard Bearer and . . . are sure that the Lord will use it to gather and strengthen His Church.

Menno Poortenga

Lansing, IL

Thanks be to God for this excellent means of The Standard Bearer for the proclaiming of God’s Word. It is a joy to send in these subscriptions (42!—Ed.) . . . we can see . . . how much care and thought goes into each issue . . . .

David and Anita Reinbold

Ft. Wayne, IN

After subtracting my subscription, you shall, I trust, prayerfully manage the contribution. Our prayers are with you daily.

James C. Young

Newton, NC


We appreciate and need such generous contributions as you sent with your subscription. Our readers will be interested to know that subscriptions do not meet even half of the cost of publishing The SB. The cost of publishing The SB from September 1, 1987 to September 1, 1988 was slightly more than $35,000. During the same period, receipts from subscriptions were $16,461.56. The rest was brought in from contributions by interested individuals and from church collections in the Protestant Reformed Churches. Despite an increase in subscriptions, our balance is low, and slowly decreasing. There is no need for The SB to live from hand to mouth. Besides, there are improvements that could be considered if more money were available. We ask that individuals remember The SB in their use of their money and that the churches give liberally, as they are able, in the scheduled collections. With the exception of minimal stipends for the Business Manager and the Acting Managing Editor, every cent given to The SBgoes directly to the printing and mailing of this faithful witness to the Reformed faith and life.