Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Church Activities

The Church Extension Committee of our church in Lynden, WA was kept busy during the month of April in holding a Special Congregational Week from the 9th through the 16th.

Missionary Houck planned to be there to meet with the congregation. During that week one lecture was to be held in Canada and two in Lynden. An evening with Lynden’s congregation was also planned for Rev. Houck. During that meeting he would address the congregation on the Missions of our churches.

Rev. Houck’s lecture in Canada was on the topic, “Preaching, the Power unto True Conversion,” and the one in Lynden, “Living Church Membership.” Rev. Haak, Lynden’s pastor, was to lecture one evening on “The Believer’s Love for God’s Truth.”

Rev. Houck hoped to find time also that week to address the students at the Covenant Christian School for one of their chapel services.

Lynden has introduced a new feature into their church bulletin. On the last Sunday of each month their bulletin contains a feature entitled, “Recommended Reading.” These inserts will be reviews on good Christian books recommended to the congregation for their edification. I could add that last month’s “Recommended Reading” was a review of “Perspectives in P.R. Education,” by Mr. Fred Hanko Sr., a teacher at Hope P.R. School in Grand Rapids. You can get your copy of this magazine by writing to Mr. Don Doezema, 1904 Plymouth Terrace S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49506.

The Council of the South Holland P.R.C. in South Holland, IL called their congregation to a special worship service held on March 21. At this service, their new pastor, Rev. Charles Terpstra, was installed into office. A short program immediately followed the service. Afterwards refreshments and a get-acquainted time were scheduled in the church basement.

The Young People’s Societies of the First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, MI once again sponsored a Spring Vacation Family Roller Skating Party. Special rates were set for families so the whole family could spend a night together. First’s young people extended a cordial invitation to all the churches in the West-Michigan area to come and join them.

The Activities Committee of First Church also invited the members of their congregation to meet on the Thursday before Easter to join them in singing songs of Christ’s resurrection at the rest homes in the area.

Due to Rev. Miersma’s absence the first two Sundays in March on classical appointment to South Holland, the Council of our First P.R.C. in Edmonton, Alberta decided to hold their annual Prayer Day service (normally the second Wednesday in March) on the second Wednesday in April.

The Hudsonville P.R.C.’s Choral Society in Hudsonville, MI presented their annual Easter Choral Program on the night of Easter Sunday in their church auditorium.

The Young People’s Society of our Loveland Church in Loveland, CO sponsored a family swim-night for the members of their congregation.

The Young People’s Society of our Randolph, WI church were busy sponsoring their annual soup supper for their congregation on March 10.

Congregational Highlights

On Thursday, March 30, Rev. M. Kamps, pastor of our Southwest Church, spoke at the annual Spring Lecture sponsored by our churches in West Michigan. This lecture was held in First Church in Grand Rapids. Rev. Kamps spoke on “Scripture: Science and Creation.”

A Young People’s Easter Mass Meeting was also held at First Church on March 19. Young people from the area were invited to attend. Rev. Joostens was the speaker.

The following was taken from the April issue of “A Closer Look,” a monthly “newspaper” from the Hudsonville P.R.C.

Our denomination has been blest by God with faithful preachers of His Word. Right now we have twenty-nine ministers and six ministers emeriti. Those six are no longer pastors over individual congregations, but in no way can we call them retired; for when God calls a child of His to preach, that calling is for life. Have you any idea how many sermons that calling for life might include? Rev. Heys has just recently preached his 5000th sermon since he was ordained in 1941. The sermon was delivered on February 26 to the congregation in Hudsonville. The text was Genesis 22:5-7—”A Steadfast Trust in God.”

It must be the prayer of each of us that God will convict young men among us of the calling to bring the Word to His people. Isaiah 52:7

Congregational Calls

Rev. S. Key declined the call he received from the Faith P.R.C. in Jenison, MI.