A Word of Farewell and Hearty Thanks to our faithful News Editor, Mr. J.M. Faber. Brother Faber has faithfully taken care of our Church News department for a little more than twelve years. At our annual staff meeting last June, he tendered his resignation, to take 1 effect at the end of the volume-year, but he agreed to stay on as head of this department until we could find a suitable replacement. We have now obtained that replacement, and therefore Mr. Faber’s contribution to the Church News department in this issue is his last. If my memory serves me correctly, in all those twelve years Mr. Faber missed only one issue, and that was for a prearranged vacation. And always he met the deadline for copy faithfully. An enviable record indeed! While we shall no longer hear from him in his capacity as News Editor, we shall continue to hear from him, however: for he is also reporter for our Theological School Committee. Thanks, “J.M.F.”!

A Word of Introduction and Welcome to the new editor of our Church News department: He is my near neighbor on Plymouth Terrace, a member of First Church in Grand Rapids, superintendent of its Sunday School, and Principal and teacher at our Adams Street Protestant Reformed Christian School. When I read this, I am almost ashamed to have urged such a busy man to accept this additional task. But I did so, and I succeeded. And hereby I welcome him to our staff, and introduce him to our readers: Mr. Donald Doezema. Let me also take this opportunity to urge all concerned—ministers, clerks, stated clerks, schools, league secretaries—to send in their news promptly and regularly. Our News Editor has a disadvantage which distinguishes him from the rest of the staff: he can not very well manufacture news, and is therefore dependent upon others for the material of his department. Please cooperate, and I am sure you will find the significant news from our various churches reported in pleasant and readable format. From now on send all items for this department to: Mr. D. Doezema, 1904 Plymouth Terrace, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506.

As to Student Preaching. In my dual capacity as editor and Rector of our Theological School, I am happy to announce that as of this date two of our students, Messrs. Wayne Bekkering and Marvin Kamps, have been licensed by the faculty to speak a word of edification in our churches under faculty supervision. Hopefully, before the end of the first semester more names will be added to this list. This is another milestone for our seminary and for these young men and for our churches. May the Lord our God continue to bless our seminary. Requests for student supply should, as usual, be addressed to the Rector.

Publication News. “All systems are go” for the publication of the biography of the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema, “Therefore Have I Spoken,” written by Gertrude (Mrs. H.C.) Hoeksema. We have been assured that the book will be ready early in December, which means that it will be available for those who are looking for a nice Christmas gift. This popular-style biography, covering the life of one whose personal history was so thoroughly intertwined with the history of our churches, will be 362 pages long, will be furnished with 38 interesting illustrations, and will be attractively printed on high quality paper. Perhaps I am biased; but I have been “in” on all the preparations for this book—from writing to publishing,—and I am sure that all our people will want a copy. Price: $5.95, postpaid. Make use of the order envelope enclosed with this issue of the Standard Bearer. By the way, the Publications Committee still has available a limited supply of “Reformed Dogmatics” at $14.95, and a goodly supply of “Behold He Cometh” at $9.95. Why not order all three?