This issue marks the completion of Volume 53, and you will find the annual index in this number. Watch the next issue for some interesting changes being introduced at the beginning of Volume 54.

Seldom do we discuss, much less recommend, books in our magazine other than those of a religious nature. But I cannot pass by the chance to recommend a couple which I read during my vacation. They are mustreading for ministers and public speakers and, in fact, for all who are interested in correct English and good diction. I refer to Edwin Newman’s Strictly Speakingand A Civil Tongue.

This is the last call for those who wish to take advantage of the pre-publication sale of Herman Hoeksema’s “When I Survey . . . ” The cut-off date on this sale is October 1. After that date you will have to pay the full price. The pre-publication sale is $7.95 plus 45a postage and handling charge. Send your order and your check for $8.40 to: Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.

The RFPA Publications Committee also announces a brand new publishing venture, our first venture into the educational field. By the time this appears in print, we expect to have available in an attractive Kivar binding Gertrude Hoeksema’s Suffer Little Children (Book One). What is this? It is primarily a teacher’s manual for Bible instruction in the primary grades, and is the first of a projected series. This first volume contains an extensive introduction on the principles of Bible instruction in the Christian school, a teacher’s guide for Book 1, and 125 lessons on the first part of the Old Testament, from creation through Saul. Who can benefit from this book? Teachers, of course, primarily; but also Sunday School teachers, catechism teachers, and parents who are looking for soundly Reformed help and guidance in telling Bible stories to their children. How can you help us and yourself, as well as the cause of covenantal education? First of all, by buying this book. The Publications Committee realized from the outset that there was probably a very limited market for this book, and therefore even hesitated somewhat to publish it. But if this venture is to succeed, and if Book One is to be followed by the rest of the series, we must have reasonable success in marketing this new book. Many parents expressed interest already when the book was in process. Now is the opportunity to give that interest concrete expression. Order a copy of Suffer Little Children, (Book One) at the price of $8.95 plus 45¢ postage and handling. Again, send your order to: Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. Secondly, if you know of Christian schools outside our Protestant Reformed circles who might be interested in this kind of material, please send the information to the above address. We are interested in reaching as many as possible with our publicity campaign. Please help!