Apology. We apologize for a couple of apparently “authorless” meditations recently. In the December 15 issue Rev. H. Veldman was the author of the meditation; in the January 15 issue Rev. M. Schipper furnished the meditation. In both instances our typesetter omitted the author’s name.

Directory. In this issue you will find an up-to-date directory of the clerks and treasurers of all our Protestant Reformed Churches. Since in many instances there are changes of officers around the first of the year, we are furnishing this up-dated information for your convenience. Will each clerk please check the information concerning his church for accuracy? In case of errors, please notify me promptly.

RFPA Book Club. Did you receive your letter inviting you to join the new RFPA Book Club? Did you also mail us your membership card? If not, do so promptly, so that you can take advantage of the attractive discount offered on all RFPA publications, and so that you will automatically receive all new RFPA publications.

New Bible Manual and Workbook. Suffer Little Children, Book Two and its accompanying pupil Workbook have been off the press for several weeks now. This is a companion volume to Gertrude Hoeksema’s Grade One level manual. Also this volume is designed primarily for grade school Bible teachers and pupils, but should be of interest and help to others, such as Sunday School and Catechism teachers and parents. The manual covers the Old Testament from the reign of David to the end. The price of the manual is $5.95, and the workbook goes for $2.00. The manual-workbook combination sells for $6.95. Yes, Book Club members can also obtain this book at 20% discount.

New Publications Planned. There are three new projects on the front burner for the RFPA this year. We hope that all three will be available this year. The first is a long-needed new edition of Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s God’s Eternal Good Pleasure, sermons on Romans 9-11. This was first printed in 1940 and has been long out of print. But it is as necessary and as up-to-date in today’s theological climate as it was almost 40 years ago. By the way, the missing sermon on God’s Raising Up Of Pharaoh will be added to the new edition. The second project is Rev. David Engelsma’s series of articles on Hyper-Calvinism, which will make a fine and instructive volume. The third project is the first volume of my Commentary on the Canons of Dordrecht. This first volume will include a historical introduction and the commentary on the First Head of Doctrine. The manuscripts of the first two projects have been completed and will before long be on their way to the typesetter. The third manuscript will be finished in a few weeks and will likewise soon be in the hands of the printer. All of which means that you should hurry and join our Book Club. The RFPA needs your moral and financial support, and you as a good Reformed reader need our books!

Reprints. Yes, there are more RFPA projects. The supply of three of our publications is exhausted, or nearly so. But it will soon be replenished with new paperback editions. Herman Hoeksema’s Believers And Their Seed and his Whosoever Will (one of our best sellers, by the way) and David Engelsma’sMarriage, The Mystery of Christ and His Church will all soon appear in new paperback editions, very reasonably priced at $1.95. Three more reasons to join the RFPA Book Club!