First Church in Grand Rapids extended a call to Rev. Meindert Joostens of our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan. A special congregational meeting for the purpose of calling a minister from a duo of Rev. Joostens and Rev. James Slopsema was held after the evening service on Sunday, January 22. 

Again this year the Mission Committee of our churches has sent emissaries to the island of Jamaica. Rev. Bernard Woudenberg, pastor of our church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Elder Clare Prince and their wives left for the island on January 18. They plan to spend about four weeks visiting the churches with whom our churches have worked since the early ’60s teaching, preaching, and evaluating the field. The emissaries will then return with a report to the Mission Committee and the 1978 Synod of our churches. 

The address of Rev. Ronald VanOverloop and family is 100 Sparks Road, Christchurch 2, New Zealand. Rev. VanOverloop is spending about nine months preaching for and working with the Christchurch congregation. Rev. VanOverloop’s address was found in the Hope Church bulletin of Redlands, California. Rev. VanOverloop is pastor of Hope Church in Walker, Michigan.