Editorially Speaking

The October 1 issue of our magazine always represents the beginning of a new volume-year. In this issue, therefore, we inform our readers as to what they can expect in the Standard Bearer in the coming year, as this has been decided at the staff meeting held in June.

Changes from the past year are few. Rev. Barry Gritters and Rev. Gise VanBaren asked to be relieved from writing for a year. We express our thanks to them for past contributions to the magazine and entertain the hope that they will be back on the staff soon. Replacing Rev. Gritters as a writer for the rubric, “Strength of Youth,” will be Rev. Steven Key. Mr. Fred Hanko, veteran teacher in the Protestant Reformed Christian Schools, will share with Rev. Arie denHartog the responsibility of producing articles for “In His Fear.” Mr. Hanko will write on Christian education. We welcome these brothers to the staff, appreciative of their willingness to make room in their busy schedules for the hard work of writing.

Although articles are assigned for the coming year, the editorial committee is on the lookout for worthwhile contributions arising from speeches and lectures. Those who wish to submit an article for publication are encouraged to do so. Not every contribution will be published. But all will be acknowledged.

We remind our readers that the “Letters” column is open to them. We welcome reflection on articles that appear in the SB.

The staff reappointed all functionaries of the magazine as is indicated on the masthead. The exception is that Rev. Jay Kortering was appointed general adjunct since the incumbent is no longer on the staff.

We ask the continuing cooperation of all our writers in meeting deadlines. We covet the prayers of our readers on behalf of the SB’s faithful testimony to the Word of God as confessed by the Reformed faith.