A Time To Reconsider

We have been promised that under the new administration America will again begin to move ahead.

As a nation we have been urged to be on the go.

In the cold war we must not be the ones who have to adjust ourselves to the movements of the avowed and clearly recognized enemy. We must take the initiative. We must be bold to do what is right and let the opposition come to terms with us. The time is short. Nuclear war with its awful devastation and unparalleled havoc is a greater threat than ever before; and we cannot continue this way. Atom bomb testings are about to get under way again in the atmosphere. Neither side wishes to have the other side get the advantage. We cannot afford to let the enemy forge ahead of us. We must be on the go ourselves. As much as we do not like an arms race, we are in it; and wisdom, if not self preservation, demands of us that we keep our margin of superiority. The day will come, according to the Scriptures, when men shall cry, “Who is like unto the beast? Who can make war with him?”Revelation 13:4. Surely we do not want that to be said untous. We want to say that to all other nations.

Indeed, examine your heart, we want America to be able to say that! No, as believing children of God, we do not want to say that of America, nor do we want America to be called the beast, The Antichristian Kingdom. But according to the flesh we want to be so powerful and superior to all other nations and groups of nations that we want them all to see the folly of fighting us. We want them to see how terrible they would suffer themselves. We, at least, want to be able to say, “Who is like unto America? Who can make war with her? Who is so foolish as to try?”

A time it is to reconsider.

It might even be better to call it a time to reappraise the situation. It is a time of inventory. A time for serious thought on the part of every member of the holy catholic Church of Jesus Christ in our land and in all other lands as well.

Jingle the coins in your pocket, you who live here in the United States. At random pick one out and examine it. Conspicuously on the face of each coin you will read the words, “In God we trust.” Is that really so? Can it be said of America, can it be said of the United States as a nation? To be sure, there are thousands upon thousands of children of God in America who live in His fear. Every day throughout this vast land which we call our land, throughout this land which was the symbol of our religious freedom and the home of our Pilgrim Fathers as they sought to worship our God according to the dictates of His Word and to escape the slavery and cruelty of men who wished to impose their word upon God’s Word. I say, throughout this land prayers ascend daily to God. He is worshipped in churches from one shore to the other, from the Canadian boundary to the Mexican border line. But how much do we as a nation trust in God?

We must forge ahead. We must be on the go. We must begin to move ahead once again. But unto what? Where are we going? Towards what goal are we working? The coming of God’s kingdom? Do we indeed need an arms race for that? Are we as zealous and do we see the greater need of an arms race in the spiritual sense of the word? Are we putting forth ALL our effort to combat the lie, heresy, atheism, evolutionism, sin, corrupt practices, the desecration of the Sabbath, the open and more abundant cursing and swearing, blasphemy and ridicule of things spiritual? Must we go ahead as a. Christian nation or simply as one of the more powerful nations of the world? Has it become an old-fashioned, outdated and therefore worthless practice to seek first the kingdom of God and then have the confidence that all these earthly things shall be added unto us? Is it in our land out of style to move ahead in our trust in God?

Granted that it is the duty of a nation to defend its citizens against the enemy and aggressor, must that be done in His fear, must it be done with trust in God or in the arm of flesh? Do we still look up to Christ, or are we secretly hoping and looking for the antichrist?

We did not hear it, but a colleague remarked about it. How do we react to it? It all happened the day the United States rejoiced and felt itself closer to the day when men would fear to make war with her. It was a tense moment. The countdown had resumed. We were ready, from all appearances, to send a man around the world in space. Would the rocket misfire? Would it explode, as others had done before, killing the astronaut and dashing our hopes to pieces? Would he perhaps be sent into an orbit from which he could not return to this earth; and would he return alive after a flight around the earth? All these questions and others rushed before man’s mind. And then one of the radio reporters said it, “The hopes and fears of the whole free world are met in thee today.”

Some two months before that same world represented by this announcer had sung the Christmas carol, “O little town of Bethlehem.” And in that carol believer and unbeliever alike at that season had sung, “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight,” with reference to Christ for whose coming the whole Old Testament Church had hoped from the fall of man till it was realized in Bethlehem. The one phrase is an expression of praise to Christ. The other is plainly antichristian speech. How do you react to that? Does the hope and fear of the free world rest in man and in his achievement or in Christ?

Had our efforts to put a man in space and to equal part of the achievements of Russia failed, would we then have been filled with more fear and lost all our hope? Not if it is the fear of the Lord and a hope in His promises and the coming of Christ. When David numbered the people to trust in horses and chariots, God took his horses ,and chariots away by killing the men who would make use of them. Often God reduced Israel to a nation without even swords and spears, without the necessary weapons wherewith to fight exactly in order that Israel might put its trust in God and walk in His fear. Where are our Gideons of today? Where is the cry today, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon”? Today it is the cry of “The sword of Gideon.” And God is left out of the picture.

A time to reconsider it surely is.

Dare we, with the weapons we now have, go forward in faith? Dare we with but three hundred men go forward? Well, it does make a difference to what we are moving forward. Our goal and ambition will reveal whether we can go forward in faith or whether we must indeed put our trust in men to produce the kingdom of the antichrist. You cannot put your trust in God to help you succeed in an evil deed. You cannot look up to Him for His blessing when you are walking in an evil direction. You will of necessity have to look to, evil men or the Evil One himself when you walk in such a way. It is time therefore for us to reconsider our goal as well as our method. It is time to ask ourselves what we do believe and for what we are looking and hoping.

If indeed we are looking and waiting for the kingdom of the antichrist, if we intend to explore, organize and employ all of God’s creation—even outer space—to maintain ourselves in the lie so that we can be like God and can eventually get there by science and invention, by education and research, by social and political advances, then we surely can and must say that our hopes and fears are met in definite, individuals at stated moments in the history of this world. And then some day when the Antichrist himself appears, we will tell him to his face, “The hopes and fears of all the years are thee and all thy might.”

Does all this mean that we are to be labeled as “Reds” or “Pinks”? Surely our freedom of religion has not fallen to such a low ebb. Anyone who thinks as above and wants to put all his trust in God, so that it can be and is said from the heart, “In God we trust,” has absolutely no use and can have no use for communism. It does not follow that one favors an atheistic, God-defying form of government and land when one decries the lack of faith in God in our land. In fact the very opposite is and must be considered to be true. We had better reconsider. We had better ask ourselves and each other, where are we going? And to attach the label of “Red” or “Pink” to a call to trust in God and a desire for the Kingdam of Christ certainly underscores the need of reconsideration.

Much better do we behave when we listen to the Word of God in these evil days of an arms race which can only end in the realization of the kingdom of the Antichrist. Turn to the prophecy of Isaiah, and indeed there are many other passages as well, and listen to his good counsel in Isaiah 26:4, “Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.” Do you believe that? Do we as a nation believe that? Is all our diplomacy and all our national budget drawn up in His fear? Can it be said and will it be said to us as a nation what Isaiah had said in the second verse, “Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in”?

Shall we put our trust in men and the achievements of men? Shall we look to men and seek the peace that men can give? Then our peace is not any more substantial and lasting than man himself. And he is so very, very frail and his words are so very untrustworthy. No, but listen and take good counsel from the Word of God, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in Thee,”Isaiah 26:3. That is the only way of peace. Trusting in God we will have perfect peace of mind all through our earthly pilgrimage. No fear of men shall grip us, and the fear of the Lord shall shield us from all evil. Then, after all this wearisome pilgrimage is over for all the saints, and God ushers in the new creation and sets the Kingdom of Christ upon the new earth, then we shall have perfect peace in every possible sense of the word. They that trust in Him shall have this. And the rest, in spite of all their earthly achievements and the honor and fame they received from men, shall be cast into that place where they rest not day nor night.

In the fear of the Lord there is peace. In the peace which men try to make there will always be increasing and terrifying fears.