Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Young People’s Activities

From all accounts, the “annual bowling invitational” of the young people from the First PRC in Edmonton and the Immanuel PRC of Lacombe, AB, Canada held in mid-summer was a great success. Reportedly there was a great turnout from both churches and an evening of fun and fellowship was the end result.

In mid-September the Young People’s Society of the Hull, IA PRC, with a little help from the young adults of Hull, took on their parents in a game of softball. Confidently, the young people invited their entire congregation to witness the event. Unfortunately, no mention was made in any later bulletin concerning the outcome of that game.

This year’s recently concluded Young People’s Convention has now taken its place in the history of our churches. This event remains a tremendous undertaking for any young people’s society, and its success each year depends upon the help and sup port of the entire congregation. Signs of this happening are starting to be seen in bulletins from the South Holland, IL PRC, next year’s host of the annual young people’s convention. Recently their Program Committee for the 1996 convention presented three themes and six speakers, from which the young people, at their first meeting this season, would select one theme and the appropriate number of speakers. Their congregation was encouraged to look for notices concerning committee activities and fund-raisers in the near future. Good advice for all of us to consider with regard to our own young people, Whether hosting a convention or not, they need our help and prayers.

Congregational Activities

The congregation of the South Holland, IL PRC is involved with a Secret Pal program for all their college students this year. Any college student who was interested could simply fill out a questionnaire and turn it in, and he or she would be assigned a secret pal for that school year.

This fall’s society and catechism season at the First PRC in Holland, MI was begun with their annual Inspirational Meeting. This year Seminarian Richard Smit was the featured speaker. His message served to set the tone for First’s society and catechism life.

As of this writing being early October, all signs point to the soon completion of the church building of the Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL. The latest information indicated that early October seemed to be a likely date for completion. Peace was even busy looking for a good used piano for use in their new church building. Stay tuned for further details, quite possibly including news about a dedication for Peace.

Denominational Activities

The Eastern Men’s and Ladies’ annual League Meeting was recently held at the Hudsonville, MI PRC. Rev. R. VanOverloop, pastor of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI spoke on, “Is revitalization of our society life necessary in light of the para-church movement?” The collection was to aid Rev. Kortering in his Asian contacts.

On October 8 Rev. C. Haak officially took up his work as the fulltime radio pastor of the Reformed Witness Hour. His first message was entitled, “Faith Comes By Hearing.” Let’s remember Rev. Haak and the Reformed Witness Hour in our prayers as they make this new beginning in their work on behalf of our churches.

School Activities

The holiday season will soon be here, and perhaps you will be looking for the perfect gift, for that special someone in your life. Well, the Ladies’ Aide of our Covenant Christian School in Lynden, WA may be able to help. They are making avail- able “The Psalter” in 3-ring binder form for the cost of $19.95. If you have any questions or would like to order a copy, simply contact the Ladies’ Aide of Covenant Christian School,

c/o 605 Brook Ct.

Lynden, WA 98264.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the Randolph, WI PRC is making available a recent five-sermon series given by their pastor, Rev. S. Key, entitled, “Our Trials: God’s Handiwork.” This set is in an audio-tape album and is available for $9, payable to the Evangelism Committee of Randolph, 225 Pierce, Randolph, WI 53956.

Prof. H. Hanko, of our Seminary, was in Randolph on October 2 as the featured speaker for a lecture sponsored by the Randolph congregation. His topic was “Justification by Faith: The Pillar of the Reformation.” Prof. Hanko hoped to emphasize Martin Luther’s development of this truth, and its importance not only for the Reformation but for today.

The Evangelism Committee of the Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL recently planned a work-night and asked members of their congregation for help. They planned to stuff, address, and seal 5,000 envelopes for mailing to the Lansing, IL community.

Food for Thought

“The Devil is not afraid of a Bible that has dust on it.”

— Author Unknown