Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

School Activities

We received the following note from Rev. R. Moore, pastor of the Hull, IA PRC, and now pass the information on to you. Rev. Moore writes, “The Consistory at its last meeting, in accordance with its call to promote good Christian schools, has been working on ways to promote the beginning of a PR Secondary Education Society and has decided to seek out three men from our congregation to work to organize a basis for establishing such a society. We have also sought out our Doon consistory and our Edgerton consistory to join us in this effort. Both of our sister congregations have agreed to obtain men to labor on this committee, and have whole-heartedly encouraged us in this labor. In the future months we shall hear from this committee.

“We realize that it may be several years before we could possibly bring this goal of having our own school to fruition. But we begin this work now in the hope that God will one day make it possible.”

We can also conclude by adding that in future months, you, the readers of the “News,” will hear more about this worthwhile effort.

Almost simultaneous to the above, there appeared a note in the bulletin of the Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL asking these questions: “Is PR secondary education your priority? Should it be? Do you want to know, or consider if it ought to be?” Readers were asked to consider their answers and then come and hear a timely lecture on that subject by Rev. C. Haak, pastor of the Bethel PRC in Itasca, IL, held at the South Holland, IL PRC on March 21, sponsored by the Association for PR Secondary Education.

At their annual meeting, March 18, the Society for PR Secondary Education in Grand Rapids, MI approved a proposal from their Board of Trustees to rent building space to Adams Street Christian School for their Junior High for the 1996-1997 year. You may remember that Adams sold their current property to the public school system of Grand Rapids, and this will be their last year in that location. In addition, we have also learned that Adams has received permission from the First PRC in Grand Rapids to use their lower level for grades K-6 for the next year as well. But we stress that these still remain options. At this time, at least to my knowledge, Adams Association has not approved either of these choices. And Adams’ Board continues to look at all kinds of different solutions to their short and long-term goals.

Congregational Activities

The Council of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI called a special congregational meeting for late February. At that meeting Grace approved two proposals. First, they approved a proposal to purchase five acres on the corner of Leonard Rd. and 14th Ave. for a future building site. This site would place their future church and parsonage just slightly north and west of their current meeting place. Grace also approved plans to rent a house for a temporary parsonage located on O’Brien Rd. in the city of Walker for their first pastor, Rev. M. Dick, and his family, who, the Lord willing, will be arriving later this month.

On March 9th, the members of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI got together for their annual Spring potluck/pig-roast. And we could add here that their young people’s society recently hosted a slide presentation on Ireland and a past Conference in Northern Ireland given by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brands. The intent was to spur some interest in this year’s up-coming conference, as well as to generate some income for this year’s young people’s convention.

Mission Activities

The Foreign Mission Committee of our churches is forwarding to this year’s Synod a proposal to call a missionary to Ghana, contingent upon obtaining the services of a volunteer(s) lay person(s) to accompany the missionary and his family and to minister to the physical and material needs of the field.

Minister Activities

Our Doon, IA PRC has again formed a trio from which they will call a pastor. This trio consists of the Revs. Cammenga, Koole, and Spriensma.