A couple changes should be noted which begin with this issue. First of all, the Rev. G. Van Baren takes over, for the rest of this volume-year, in All Around Us. We thank Prof. Decker for his contributions and welcome the Rev. Van Baren back to this department. Secondly, the Rev. A. den Hartog takes over In His Fear from the Rev. B. Gritters—also for the rest of the current volume. Thanks to Rev. Gritters, and welcome to Rev. den Hartog.

As you know, the Rev. den Hartog has left the Singapore mission field and is now in the pastoral ministry in Randolph, Wisconsin—in many ways a radical change for him and his family. But the Rev. den Hartog left a bit of his heart in Singapore. That undoubtedly accounts, at least in part, for the fact that before he writes for In His Fear, he is contributing a final article about Singapore and the church there.

Publication News. From the RFPA there will soon appear a paperback edition of Calvin’s Calvinism, a significant work of John Calvin which has long been out of print. Watch for later announcements!