When unto Thee we come

With heads bowed down in prayer

May our first impulse be

To glorify Thy holy name —

To praise Thee for the fact that Thou art God —

In deep humility and awe to see Thy matchless grace,

Thy power, Thy glory, mercy, holiness, and love —

Thy justice, greatness, Thy long-suffering —

And may we grovel in the dust,

Knowing our own weakness, meanness, evil lusting natures,

Selfishness, pride, envy, laziness, deceit.

May our prayers never be so self-centered that they are

A catalog of earthly desires.

May we seek Thee, not self —

Lord, be merciful to us — sinners!

And may we leave Thy holy courts

With lighter hearts,

Knowing that our Faithful Savior stands

In mediation.

God’s just and holy wrath is fully satisfied —

He bore the burden; set us wholly free.

He even plants desire in our hearts —

Desire to please Him.

Our filthy sinful natures, changed by love divine.

We glorify Thy name!